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So with those dark nights approaching and Halloween just around the corner myself and the lovely Heather ( ) thought we would team up and do a read along with some spooky reads!

We have both been enjoying the Red Eye series published by Stripes Publishing this year so thought these would be ideal for a spooky read along!

Everyone is welcome to join in!

We have a hash tag on twitter where you can keep up to date on our progress and tweet out yours – #RedEyeReadAlong

We also have a Goodreads Group set up for the occasion for even more discussion and to comfort each other when we get scared – you can find the group here

We also have some special treats and prizes to be won!

To find out more about the read along check out the announcement post here

And this week the #RedEyeReadAlong participates in the Red Eye Halloween Blog Tour also!

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#RedEyeReadAlong – 26/10/2015 – 31/10/2015

So this week we will be reading…..

Dark Room by Tom Becker


The camera never lies…Darla and her dad are looking for a fresh start. But when they wind up in affluent Saffron Hills, Darla stands no chance of fitting in with the beautiful, selfie-obsessed teens at her new school. Just when she thinks things can’t get any worse, she starts having visions. The gruesome snapshots flashing into Darla’s mind seem to suggest she’s going crazy…until she realizes they’re actually a horrifying glimpse into the future. With a killer on the loose, can she make sense of what she’s seeing before it’s too late?

About Tom Becker


Since Tom Becker learned to hold a pen, he wanted to become a writer. In fact, when he was 5 years old, he wrote in a notebook that it was his dream was to be an author. Aged 25, Tom has realised that dream with publication of his first novel, Darkside in January 2007.

Tom’s early enthusiasm for books and reading was encouraged by his parents who were voracious readers. Their family home was cluttered with bookcases and piles of novels. Tom spent most of his childhood curled up in an armchair reading fantasy novels by Brian Jacques, and later graduated to grown-up novels by David Eddings and Guy Gavriel Kay.

Tom studied History at Oxford University and was struck by the otherworld-ly atmosphere of this academic institution. He used to spend long days studying and reading in the University library and always felt intrigued by the atmosphere there – perhaps that is why a library is such an important setting in Darkside.

Tom started writing Darkside in 2005, it took him three months to complete and he is now working on more books in the series. He drew inspiration from film noirs such as The Asphalt Jungle and The Big Sleep (hence the glasshouse scene in Darkside), and comicbook writers such as Alan Moore.

Aside from reading, Tom’s big love in life is music. He is still reeling from the break-up of his two favourite bands, Rocket From the Crypt and Sleater-Kinney. Tom’s other passions include supporting Everton Football Club and consisting on a diet of fry-ups and fish fingers.

Find out more about Tom Becker on his website here or follow him on twitter using @Tbeckerlegge

Check out my previous Q&A with Tom Becker here

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Check out the #RedEyeReadAlong guest post from Tom Becker here

Weekly Challenge

We are releasing this weeks weekly challenge early (normally a Wednesday) as this weeks challenge involves showing us your creepy Halloween selfie!

Yes that’s right to be in with a chance to win all 5 Red Eye Books (UK and IRE) you need to tweet us a scary selfie using the #redeyereadalong !

Remember we only have one set of books to give away each week so there can only be one winner each week! The winner will be announced on Sunday evening at around 7pm on twitter and in the Goodreads Group!

Although if the selfies are good I may give away two sets as we did not run a weekly challenge last week!

Good Luck!


We had no entries to this weeks weekly challenge!

Do join in using the has tag on twitter #RedEyeReadAlong and why not join the Goodreads Group here

You can follow me on twitter using @ChelleyToy or Heather using @hlwrites0490

Happy Halloween!



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