Guest Post – A Day In The Life Of An Author by Andy Briggs

Iron Fist

Today I am joined by the wonderful Andy Briggs! 

Iron Fist was released on the 5th May 2015, published by Scholastic and is set to be a brilliant MG Sci-Fi / Adventure read!

I have recently received a copy for review and I simply cannot wait to jump in!

Also the design team at Scholastic have done another brilliant job with this cover – it’s stunning!

Today Andy gives us a day in the life of an author in this fab guest post which may or may not be quite what you would expect…..!

*Hands over to Andy*

About Iron Fist

Iron Fist

The Rules: if you find a secret inventory of utterly deadly battle tech.

1) Do not try it.

2) Do not tell anyone.

3) Do NOT let thieves in behind you.

What’s more secret than top-secret? The Inventory. Home to the deadliest inventions the world isn’t ready for. Invisible camouflage. HoverBoots. Indestructible metals. Plus a giant creature of chaos: war robot Iron Fist. No one has ever broken past the state-of-the-art AI security system. (Seriously, most bad guys have no idea this stuff is even there.)

Problem 1: the security robot wasn’t ready for a gang of kids wandering in.

Problem 2: they’ve ONLY brought the ruthless Shadow Helix gang in behind them. Seriously dumb, but it’s a bit late for ‘sorry’.

Say hello to trouble: the Iron Fist is in the wrong hands!

A Day In The Life Of An Author

As an author I often have people come up to me and ask “what the heck are you doing in my garden?” or other questions which basically amount to what is an average day in the life of an author?

So in homage to the wonderful Sue Townsend’s creation, Adrian Mole, here’s my diary:

8:00 – Good morning world! I bounced out of bed, bursting with ideas and inspiration from a refreshing night’s sleep. Ready to conquer those 5,000 words I need to do today! Let’s go get ‘em!

8:03 – The floor was cold so went back to bed because the inspirational ideas faded away as soon as I found a pencil.

11:14 – Must have nodded off. Now up and active! Breakfast here we come!

12:01 – Straight after breakfast I checked my emails and marked the important ones to reply for the moment I have a spare second, including one from my editor pointing out the deadline for the manuscript. Then I researched my book, which mostly involved watching cat videos. Now it’s time for a short lunch.

12:02 – Just noticed that my editor’s email was sent two days ago. Oh, well. Sure he’ll understand.

14:30 – Lunch over! Now to work!

14:33 – My editor emailed again to check my email was working. He’s getting obsessive!

15:37 – After much hard work I had re-read the 234 words I have crafted today. To the uninitiated it may not sound like much, but I finally placed that pesky comma into a sentence. Victory!

15:46 – Deleted the comma. In doing so came up with an idea for a completely new book! Exciting! Time for a break!

16:18 – Fielded a telephone cold caller for the last thirty minutes. Tried to ask his opinion on the plot point that’s nagging me. Doesn’t he realize he’s the only person I have spoken to in the last thirty-six hours? They ended the call promising never to contact me again.

16:47 – My editor called wanting to know how the manuscript was coming along. I decided to let the answer phone take the call as I was in the middle of finessing this cat chapter. It takes a lot of concentration.

17:13 – Tea break! I skimmed through my work so far. What a great start!

17:54 – Another call from my editor. I was about to pick it up, when I was struck by sudden inspiration for the next chapter, so I think he’ll completely understand that I’m not ignoring him.

18:00 – Well, another hard day’s work finished! Now time to relax, take it easy and belittle those on Facebook who think that writing isn’t a real job.

22:02 – Finally log-off Facebook. Social media is an important tool for writers these days. Just remember that, no matter how many times you are blocked from a group, they really do want to listen to you opinions.

23:57 – After waking up in a cold sweat, I decided to delete the cat video sequence from the book. In the end it didn’t seem to make sense in a high-tech action adventure book. Maybe it will work in the next one?

Iron FistYou can buy a copy of Iron Fist here or why not visit your local independent bookshop

Or why not add it to your Goodreads here

About Andy Briggs


Andy Briggs is a screenwriter, producer and author of the, and Tarzan series. Andy has worked on film development for Paramount and Warner Bros, as well as working with Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee and producer Robert Evans. With a strong social media following, Andy tours the UK regularly, doing festival, school and library events. 

You can find out more about Andy over on his website –

Or why not follow him on twitter using @aBriggswriter

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A huge thank you to Faye and Scholastic for having me on the blog tour and to Andy for an absolutely brilliant guest post!

You can catch another fab guest post by Andy Briggs about his favourite fictional worlds here

Have you read any books by Andy Briggs?  Does the Iron Fist sound up your street?  Are your writing days like Andy’s?  I would love to hear from you!  Why not leave a comment using the reply button at the top of the page or tweet me on twitter using @chelleytoy !

Happy Reading!



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