Spotlight – The True and Untold Story of the Outlaw Tam Barker by Andy Robb


I’ve recently read a chapter sample of YA author and all round brilliant guy, Andy Robb’s new YA novel and loved it!

The True and Untold Story of Tam Barker is his latest novel, bringing a mix of science-fiction and western lore to the YA genre in a fresh, new way. Tam is the Last Librarian and must fight against the dark forces in her world to protect a very special book and get it back to the Library. There are battles to be fought and dangers untold but she’s a strong fighter and won’t give up – even when secrets and lies conspire against her.

This is a totally new direction for Andy Robb and it’s left me craving more so I thought I would spotlight a little about this book and it’s fab author…..



The True and Untold Story of the Outlaw Tam Baker is a dystopian space-western set in a version of our future where books are more dangerous than guns and are often bought with blood.

With influences such as Firefly, Judge Dredd and the Spaghetti westerns; Tam is a futuristic Wild West heroine.

A lone voice in the wilderness, fighting corruption and evil wherever she finds it.

To survive against this landscape, Librarians have to be even tougher. The timid, retiring stereotypes we all know are replaced with hardened gun-slingers who live by their wits.

Tamarind Barker is the last Librarian.

Having had her memories and identity taken away, she’s as much on a mission to find out who she is as to locate the one book that could bring the totalitarian Powers to their knees.

Helped and hampered by the jittering young Drifter, Jangles, and his dog, Ratchet, Tam’s quest leads her from the Lo-Class settlements, through the Mid-Class city of Toyle and to the Hi-Class paradise of Home

Ultimately, Tam must snatch the mysterious book and return it to the Librarian’s sanctuary: Central Library – whatever the cost.

Forget everything you’ve heard about me.

 Whatever the Powers are saying isn’t true. By now, they’ve probably painted me as a terrorist or a hacktivist or maybe even a jacker.

 Truth is I’m a seventeen year old girl, I’m a Librarian and I’m the last of my kind.

 Most of you won’t even know what an honest-to-goodness, paper-and-print book looks like. Not since the Powers burned them. Not since the Zusak Riots and the Pushbutton Wars. But they didn’t get them all and it’s my job to hunt them down and get them to Central Library.  Become a Librarian and they take your identity away. They take your name and they take your memories and everything you were.

 There’s a world out there, beyond your holo-boxes and whatever the Powers tell you; a world where they’ve tried to bury the past and burn the books and tell you what to read, what to listen to and what to think. That’s the world I live in and that’s the world I’m trying to set right: a world where every word counts, for good or for bad.

 This is my story. Chances are you came across it by accident, maybe looking to watch a soap or download a game-show. But maybe you want to try reading a truth, for a change; read something that’s sneaked past the hands of the Censors and tells it like it happened.

 Everything in these pages is a truth. And a truth’s got to come out.

 Everything you thought you knew is about to change, all because of one, lone book.


You can buy a copy of this book here

About Andy Robb


 Andy Robb is the author of the Geekhood books, the first of which was shortlisted for the Waterstones Children’s Book Award 2012

 He’s had many jobs over the years, most notable as an actor working on stage and screen but now spends his time writing on his house boat on the Thames; occasionally stopping to feed the ducks. 

Andy is also the found of the brilliant UKYABA celebrating bloggers!

You can find out more about Andy Robb on his website –

You can follow Andy on twitter – @ThatAndyBloke

A huge thank you to Andy Robb and Laura for sending me a chapter sample to read!

Have you read The True and Untold Story of the Outlaw Tam Barker ?  What did you think?  Why not leave a comment using the reply button at the top of the page or tweet me on twitter using @chelleytoy !

Happy Reading!



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