My Year In Books And Challenges 2017

At the start of 2017 after taking part for a couple of years I was asked to host the British Books Challenge for 2017.  I of course signed up myself and also signed up to two other bookish challenges!  Here’s how I did in those challenges and also how everyone who participated in the British Books Challenge 17 did too!

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I’m also going to remind myself of 3 things I did achieve this year which I am pretty proud of so future me can look back and think that was pretty awesome….

Thank you to everyone who showed me so much love about this tweet and my achievements that I am so so proud of x

As always at the start of 2017 I set my Goodreads Book Challenge.  After a poor reading year in 2016 I decided to lower my reading goal to 50 books to take the pressure off a little and enjoy reading.

Oh how I was wrong.  I have really struggled this year not to just read, but to actually finish books!  You can read about it here

Now again this was not because there were no brilliant books to read, it was all down to me.  I feel I have been so busy with work, fitness, family and blogging that my mind and body just wouldn’t take anymore.  Anyway, needless to say that I have failed by Goodreads Challenge, but the books I have read have been great!

So here’s how I did for 2017…..

Whilst Goodreads states that I only read a measly 11 books this year I know I have started quite a number of books and not finished them but have not included these in the challenge due to not completing them.

Here are the books I have read in 2017….

As above this does not include any books I have started reading and have did not finish.  Any I have started and did not finish I have deleted from my Currently Reading section on Goodreads.

I’m disappointed that I didn’t hit my target, but I am still happy with what I have read in 2017.

I’m hoping for a better 2018 though!

After signing up to this challenge in 2015 and 2016 and loving it I knew that I would be signing up for 2017!  And to top everything off I hosted the challenge this year for 2017!

The challenge was to read 12 books or more by authors from the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) over the course of the year, review them on my blog and link them up on the relevant monthly link up page.

I only read 6 books by British Authors in 2017 and this is mainly because of being unable to read as mentioned above and sadly I did not get a chance to review any of these on my blog.

Here are the books I read that counted towards the challenge….


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As part of hosting the challenge I decided to feature 24 brilliant authors as Debut and Author of the month features….

A huge thank you to all authors and publishers who featured as debut and author of the months and for an posts or giveaways and prize packs that you provided.

So the idea of this challenge was to read more diversely and fill in this board…..

This was set to be a fantastic challenge for me, but sadly due to my lack of reading I failed!

I’ve decided in 2018 I am going to set myself a Goodreads goal whilst hosting the British Books Challenge 2018, but instead of setting myself too many challenges I am going to make bookish and personal goals and resolutions.

You can find this post here

I’m looking forward to a fresh start for my 2018 reading!  I can’t wait!

Happy Reading!