Tales Events – Arsenic For Tea Launch With Robin Stevens


This is the story of how I had tea at three and then was worried all the way to midnight!

You see the tag line for the awesome Arsenic For Tea by Robin Stevens is…..

“Tea at three.  Murder at midnight”

*Looks at invite.  Sees the words 3pm, free tea and arsenic*


As I am here writing this I managed to survive!  Hurrah!  And have to say I had the greatest time at this launch!

On a cold February morning I set off into the unknown land of Cambridge.  I had never visited before so I was really excited to have a look around.  Its such a lovely town made even better by this fab display in the Waterstones Cambridge window!



Walking into Waterstones Cambridge was a delight!  I had the shakes on as there were sooooo many books I wanted and I was on a self inflicted book buying ban!  Noooooooo!

I loved all the displays and super author chair in the children’s department of the store!








And I loved the lovely cakes and tea that Robin had laid on for all of her budding detectives……although was there any arsenic present….lets hope not?!








After signing lots of books Robin kick started the launch by thanking lots of people including family and friends and we then got to hear a fab extract form Arsenic For Tea!















It was then time for Robin to cut the cake and for us to eat and chat!  Woooo hoooo!


Photo thanks to @yayeahyeah with approval and thanks

We were even given these fab detective packs to fill in ….okay maybe they were for the younger detectives but I’m a big kid at heart!


We then got an extra bun break treat as Robin read another extract from Arsenic For Tea.  This confirmed to me that Robin should record the audio book for both of her books as I love the way she read the extracts and would pay to listen to her tell me stories all day!

Either that or the Arsenic was taking effect!  Only joking! *nervous laugh*








I got to meet some awesome people at the launch as well as Robin!  I finally got to meet Jim from @yayeahyeah, Charlie from @charlieinabook, wonderful authors Louisa Reid and Katy Cannon (thanks for signing my book Katy) and I got to see the lovely Mel Salisbury again!  There were so many people there to support Robin it was lovely.

I also had the privilege in meeting the lovely lady that is Gemma Cooper and got to witness the wonder of these super fab nails for myself!  Take a look!


Photo thanks to Gemma Cooper with permission and thanks

Checkout the fab nails Gemma did for the Murder Most Unladylike launch!  How awesome! What a super cool agent Robin has!


Photo thanks to Gemma Cooper with permission and thanks

After the launch it was time for any adult detectives to follow the mystery trail….it was a terrifying journey full of clues, dead bodies and murder weapons but we all made it…..to the pub!  Oh Yes! Hic Hic Hic

















It really was a fab launch and a huge thank you to Robin for having me and for all the lovely people I got to meet old and new making me feel so welcome!

Congrats to Robin on the fab launch of Arsenic For Tea!

*checks time*

*two minutes past midnight….phew I survived – Tea at three.  Murder at midnight! Yay!*








On a separate note my son Corey read and loved Murder Most Unladylike but was unable to come to the book launch, but he managed to attend a detective class with Robin in Oxford a couple of weeks later!  It was awesome and he loved it!  He even wanted to turn back time and do it all over again.  Thank you Robin!

IMG_3180Also check out this fab guest post from Robin about Trains and First Class Murder the 3rd Murder Most Unladylike book here !

Happy Reading!




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  1. Amy B. says:

    So envious!! Looks like a fabulous time! And those nails are to….um…DIE for! {Heh, Heh}

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