Spotlight – His Dark Materials Read-A-Long


I am so so excited to share a wonderful exciting read-a-long which will start in March 2015!

To mark the 20 year anniversary of His Dark Materials myself and 5 wonderful bloggers will be leading twitter-based discussions about both the original trilogy; Northern Lights (or The Golden Compass in the US), The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spy Glass, as well as spin-off novellas Once Upon a Time in the North, Lyra’s Oxford and audiobook The Collectors!

The whole idea for this read-a-along is the dream child of the wonderful Stephen from Dark Reader Reviews who recruited myself, and super bloggers Jo, Laura, Andrew and Rhys to join in and share our thoughts with you as we read the books!  We have a schedule and everything on who’s reading which book and when below.

If you’ve never read Pullman’s classic YA series, or you just feel like it’s time for a re-read, now is the perfect time! Dust off those old copies, run to the nearest book shop to buy yourself a copy or go grab the new 20th anniversary copies recently released by Scholastic as they are gorgeous *drifts off into a love for the covers*

I am super excited for this read-a-along as I have had these books on my shelf for so long and have not got around to reading them (shame on me!).  Therefore I will be kick starting the read-a-along with Jo on the 2nd March 2015 where we begin with Northern Lights! How exciting!!! We are mixed bloggers of goodness who are either new to the books (like me) or re-reading the books or finishing off the series we adored so this read-a-long is set to be amazing with fab read-a-long reactions!

We would love for you to join us! Make sure to get your copies by March 2nd, which is when it all kicks off, and don’t forget to use the #HDMreadalong hashtag on Twitter!


W/C Monday 2nd March – Northern Lights@ChelleyToy  and @CometBabesBooks


W/C Monday 9th March – The Subtle Knife@Loopy_Lu_


W/C Monday 16th March – The Amber Spyglass@FictionThirst


W/C Monday 23rd March – Lyra’s Oxford@DarkRReviews and @PewterWolf13


Saturday 28th March – The Collectors (Audiobook listen a long) – Everyone


W/C Monday 30th March – Once Upon a Time in the North@DarkRReviews and @PewterWolf13


If your reading along with me with the first book, Northern Lights, I will mainly be reading on the weekend and evenings using the hashtag #HDMreadalong – join in with myself and all of us on this wonderful journey  throughout the whole of March!

Big huge shout out to Stephen for thinking of this and organising and to Rhys for the beautiful super amazing graphics!  Twit two Rhys!  Twit twoo!

Just one question – who’s joining in?! #squee!!

Happy reading and many adventures await!



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2 Responses

  1. What a fab idea for a readalong! I’ve already made plans for March but otherwise I totally would have joined you. I’ll be following along on the hashtag though! And good luck to you all, sounds like so much fun.