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On the 5th of March I had the absolute pleasure of attending an event at Waterstones Birmingham High Street…it was a book talk and signing with Melinda Salisbury author of The Sin Eaters Daughter!

You can find my review of The Sin Eater’s Daughter here

Now I have met Mel a few times before and she is awesome (check out one time at the Scholastic Blogger Brunch here )!  I feel we have become friends through twitter and meeting up at a few previous events and as this was her first book shop event I wanted to come and show my support for this wonderful, lovely lady!

Waterstones did a fab job of laying out lots of copies of The Sin Eaters Daughter for us to buy….so much so that even though I already have a copy I bought another one!
















Mel turned up at the event early and immediately started to interact with everyone that had turned up to see her, not wanting to make a grand entrance, but just mingle and relax…this was awesome and so refreshing and gave the evening a very personal feel which was lovely.


During this time myself and Mel swapped presents…Mel gave me a fab The Sin Eaters Daughter necklace and I gave her a mug with a picture of The Sin Eaters Daughter on and….well basically a picture of Mel holding her book!  I got the impression Mel was more chuffed at having her face on the mug than her actual book!  🙂



Now the seating at Waterstones was laid out traditionally, as normal, in rows all facing the big comfy leather chairs that the author normally sits in to face the audience.  That was until Mel changed EVERYTHING!  Making the event even more personal and with a comfy feel we all moved the chairs into a semi circle around the authors chair.  It was a brilliant idea and far more intimate…just perfect!


And so the event began!  Mel read her favourite extract from the middle of the book!  I had never heard her read before and it was so relaxing and soothing the way Mel told the story…I defiantly am booking Mel to read me bedtime stories…recommended for a good nights sleep 🙂


We then got to hear some fab stories including a little about Mel’s life pre writing the book.  Even with some of Mel’s family members in the audience she opened up and was brutally honest it was endearing!  I loved the fact that upon asking the audience who had not read The Sin Eaters Daughter yet to ensure no spoilers were given away during the talk her own brother put his hand up and confessed he hadn’t read it yet!  I think Mel was plotting revenge for this act of treason later!











Jamie from Waterstones did a fantastic job with the questions she posed to Mel!  We got to hear about how Mel likes to write….in her pyjamas in bed, who she would cast in a movie of The Sin Eaters Daughter with one character from the book Merek being the gorgeous Aneurin Barnard and about travelling and how people should get out there and travel as much as they can.  Mel also spoke briefly about how she is writing book 2 and how she has control over her world in The Sin Eaters Daughter with a cryptic message…I’m sorry!  *cries at what this could possibly mean*

All in all fantastic questions!









We then got to hear Mel read from the start of the book…*plays lullaby music and listens to soothing story telling voice*

Then onto the audience Q&A!  It was met a little by silence to begin with so I thought I would break the ice and ask Mel if there were any songs that influenced the book or that she could relate to The Sin Eaters Daughter.

This was her answer.  Perfect!

A few more questions were then asked and Mel answered them all.

Now I thought I was being a good friend by buying another copy of Mel’s wonderful book…so to get this dedication whilst having the book signed….well just how rude….


Okay okay….maybe I deserved it just a teeny weeny iccle bit….okay maybe a lot!  You see during the Q&A a question to beat all questions popped into my head!  Some of you may be aware that Mel is a huge fan of King Richard III and Sirius Black from Harry Potter…..so I thought I would be a bit Slytherin of me …. actually I should probably think before I speak and not just say the first thing that pops into my head!

(Note to all other authors….I only asked this as I know Mel and I knew she would find it funny and take it on the chin…please don’t fear my questions lol)

The question I asked was this…

Who would you snog, marry, avoid out of – Richard III, Siruis Black and Aneurin Barnard!


Mel recoiled in horror!

Of course I didn’t make her answer it…I was only joking…I mean I couldn’t be that cruel!  He He He

Then it was time for the signing and again Mel being Mel did things a little differently and it was fab!  Instead of sitting at the normal signing table Mel pulled up a comfy chair and took time to chat to us all individually whilst signing our books!  And when I say chat I mean chat.  There was no pressure or rushing to get to the next person.  Mel chatted to everyone for as long as they wanted!  So lovely!








It was also lovely to have time to chat to other bloggers or people I have met on twitter recently….thanks for all being awesome!

All in all it was a fantastic evening and Mel did such a fab job considering it was her first bookshop event!  She was relaxed, fun, confident and friendly.  Everything and more that you could ask one of your favourite authors to be!

This is the Mel I have come to know and love!

A fantastic lady through and through!

Thanks for being you Mel!  Your awesome!


Oh and for those of you wondering….I did get revenge for my comment in my book signed by Mel.

May I present to you my son, Corey….waving a flag….a Henry VII flag *evil laugh*


If you don’t already follow Mel on twitter please do – she is hilarious – @ahintofmystery

Also you can find out more about Mel on her website – here

Check out Mel talking about this event and what she got up to in the month of March – here

Find out more about The Sin Eaters Daughter or why not buy The Sin Eaters Daughter here

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Or find out what we got up to at The Sleeping Prince launch in Birmingham here

Did you attend this event or have you met Mel at any other events before?  Have you read The Sin Eaters Daughter?  What did you think?  I would love to hear from you!  Please feel free to leave a comment by using the reply button at the top of this post or why not tweet me on twitter using @chelleytoy!

Happy reading….and thinking up possible snog, marry, avoid questions for Mel! 🙂



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6 Responses

  1. Sally says:

    This was such a lovely and fun post to read! Sounds like the event was a huge success, I’m sorry I missed it! Loved the evil question Chelle heh, I would totally do the same. I really need to meet Mel now!
    Glad you have fun! 🙂 x

  2. Jesse Owen says:

    This sounds like it was such a fun and relaxed event – glad you had a good time! 🙂

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