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When Lucy over at Queen Of Contemporary said she was hosting a #UKYADAY on the 12th April 2015 and asked some bloggers to write posts about UKYA or our favourite UKYA authors or books my mind got to thinking what I could do to show my undying love for all things UKYA!  I have already written a post confessing my love for UKYA a few months ago (you can read that here) so I wanted to do something a little different and with a personal touch.

Today I write a letter to my 10 year old son, Corey, about UKYA….it’s books, authors and community….

*Sharpens pencil and flex’s fingers*

 Dear Corey,

Wow!  Your 10 now.  You’re in double figures.  The big one-oh.  How does time fly by so quickly!

You are growing up so fast!  You are a bright and clever boy who always makes me smile and laugh.  I love it when you draw me pictures – your artwork is getting so good!  I love it when you do a little dance to make me smile.  I love it when you thrash me (cheat) at monopoly!  I am forever proud of you and will be always 🙂

Do you know what one of my favourite times of day is?  I love that after a hard days work I can come home and after all the hustle and bustle of the day we sit down together and read.  We share funny book moments, sad book moments, amazing book moments together full of adventure, laughs and far away lands.  These moments are perfect and I will forever treasure them in my heart.  I love how we have a hobby together in reading and that your love of books is like my love of books.

We have shared many adventures with David Walliams, murders with Robin Stevens and wildcats with your favourite author Abi Elphinstone.








The main reason for this letter is I wanted to let you know, now your getting older, that you have so many great books that you will soon want to read now you are becoming a Young Adult.  You have more worlds and adventures to explore!

UKYA is a wonderful place to start on your new bookish adventures!  You have so much diversity at your fingertips that you will forever be in awe of all UKYA authors.  As you know I have many on my shelf…..  Go grab one!  Go on!  I can even give you a few places to start….

Enter Lyra’s world and become stunned by beauty and astounded by words and an adventure you will never forget…..


If you are a horror fan like me you could delve into the brilliant books of Juno Dawson!  She never fails to amaze and frighten the life out of me!  Although you may want to sleep with the light on afterwards…..








You could become best friends with characters created by Non Pratt, Cat Clarke or Keris Stainton (yes the one who loves Harry Styles from One Direction!)…laugh with them and cry with them, share experiences with them……









You could laugh so hard whilst reading Lobsters or Boys Don’t Knit that your sides hurt and you struggle to catch your breath…and maybe get some squeaky hiccups like Mommy did…..








You could meet the girl that can kill with a single touch or a girl with all the coolest gadgets…..








You could experience the world of witchcraft, superheros or models…..









( Yes Mommy has these glasses 🙂 )

You can help a boy called Derrick find a Panther to help his family or learn more about diversity and acceptance and how everyone is different.  Ask yourself what is normal?









You can be left speechless by beautiful, stunning words or important, raw, books to help others or even yourself….









UKYA books are brilliant!  The authors are too!  Seek them out and let them take you on journeys!  I can’t wait until your telling me what UKYA authors I should be reading.

Don’t be afraid to still read the MG books that you love or want to read…as you know I still read them today.  You are never too old for a good story!

There is so much love in the UKYA community.  I know you use my blog at the moment for things, but soon you will be old enough to maybe have your own blog.

Blog and talk about books, make friends with other bloggers who will open up their arms and welcome you into their family, get excited when someone tells you they enjoyed a book you have recommended, join in on chats on twitter and brilliant bookish quizzes…enjoy every moment all for the love of books.

I want you to know that Mommy has made so many friends in the UKYA community some of who you have met already and I’m sure that if you read this letter again in a few years time you will say the same.  UKYA forever!

You have so much in store!  I can’t wait to share more bookish moments with you!  Our hour everyday reading cannot come quick enough!  I hope we will continue it and share our journeys and love of books together for a very long time to come!

I love you!  Be who you want to be in life and be happy!

Mommy xx

Check out the fab #UKYADAY schedule here and join in!

Today is a day of celebration!  A day to celebrate UKYA and it’s authors in all it’s glory!

A huge round of applause goes out to Lucy for organising #UKYADAY and for everyone who spreads the UKYA love each and every day!



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4 Responses

  1. kathy evans says:

    This brought tears to my eyes – UKYA books have so much to offer for everyone but in dealing with challenging subjects, theyr’e truly a gift to the growing young adult. I had great books growing up but when I look at what’s available now, it makes me dance with joy.

  2. Susan Mann says:

    I love this post. My oldest is 8 & is just getting into books with a bit more depth in them. We are reading Harry Potter together & hoping this will continue him onto the path of the wonderful world of YA I love. Great lists of books. I love the idea of a letter to him. Xx

    • Chelley Toy says:

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment. Harry Potter is brilliant and definitly a great starter to moving onto to books with more depth. You should also check out The Dreamsnatcher by Abi Elphinstone for him and the Wells & Wong books by Robin Stevens…they are brilliant! My son has read these and adored them so much!