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#talespointhorrorbookclub was created by author Juno Dawson in 2013. Juno announced in 2015 that she was no longer able to carry on so, with her blessing, I took over the reins.

So why not grab a copy and join the discussion with this months #talespointhorrorbookclub

The Dead Game by A Bates

Are the Point Horror books we loved as a teenager still our favourites on a re-read? Have they not stood the test of time? After a hit of nostalgia? Or are you new to Point Horror and want to see what its all about?

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Beware…….Spoilers Ahead

Linnie, Ming and Jackson don’t like fakers, the people who cheat, lie and climb over others to get what they want. They make up a game to get back at them. The object is public humiliation, which the kids figure is appropriate retribution for cheaters. But the game goes wrong, almost as if it is playing itself. Or could someone else possibly have taken it over? When a student on their “hit” list dies, Linnie, Ming and Jackson know they have to do something to stop a game that is out of control. But how do you stop something when you can’t figure out the rules?

Click for a Q & A with A Bates!

The Tagline

Someone is playing for keeps!

Okay ….so…What’s It All About?

A group of kids, Linnie, Ming and Jackson who appear to all want to be top dog at everything decide to “have a bit of fun” and play a game to teach all the people who are doing better than them a lesson and it’s called….The Dead Game!

Woah!  The Dead Game!  That sounds cool for Point Horror! What are the rules?

It’s simple – all you have to do is embarrass your chosen public enemy number one!  The liars, the cheats, the bullies!  Sound fun?

It started as one simple target…an idea to pinch a letter jacket and leave it on a grave stone and go all Blair Witch a few years before it’s time…..but when that doesn’t really work out a list of targets is set and the rules are put in place…….

Pick a name from a hat

You have approximately two weeks to do your hit

If you can’t do it within a reasonable amount of time, put the name back and let someone else try

A successful kill is a public humiliation

The more appropriate the humiliation, the more humiliating ad the more public, the better the kill

Work alone.  No telling whose name you have.  No help from the group, no telling the game to anyone else.  You can get help from others outside the group, but only if you do it without letting anything slip about the game, the purpose, or the group

After everyone’s been hit, we’ll vote on the best kill and treat the winner to something

But then things start going horribly wrong!

Horribly wrong?!  Oh No!

Oh Yes!  Their first “hit” is a disaster and someone ends up in hospital.  Their second is shown up to be a womaniser and the third…..death by steep stairs and sprinklers!

But when the group decide to stop playing someone carries on playing The Dead Game and targeting all their hits!  Who could it be?!


The Girl

In this instance I am going to class the girl as Linnie….she is after all the one who tells most of the story even though we do get alternative perspectives from the rest of the gang too.

Oh Linnie, Linnie , Linnie…..with her love for all things napkins…..wiping her sausage fingers on them, wadding them and shredding them and eventually later on in the book moving on to tearing at grass….and being creative making an urn in pottery class and feeling rather satisfied what are we going to do with you!

I actually quite liked Linnie….I know I know….but without her we wouldn’t have had a story as she came up with the game…and she wasn’t a typical point horror girl crying and scared all the time *coughs at Jenny from the babysitter*…..she was ….interesting…….

Don’t forget Linnie still has that ribbon from when she won second place…..yep SECOND place…..was it this that tipped her over the edge?!

And it’s all her Sisters fault!

The Love Interest

There’s not so much as a love interest in this Point Horror offering….which was quite refreshing….Linnie was left to her own devices!  Yay!  …..oh wait!

The Gang

The only hint of romance in this book was the constant hints that Jackson liked Ming (Yes Ming!) and Ming maybe liked Jackson, but nothing really developed for a change as they both thought they were not good enough for each other….makes a change from some other Point Horror books…..I’m looking at you Nightmare Hall Silent Scream where everyone was with …well everyone like an episode of Made In Chelsea beforeits time!

Anyway, back to the gang…….

The Dead Games offered us pep talking, sober eyed, frail and tiny Ming with a love for graphs and data!  She really got on my nerves in the first part of the book whining about how she’s third in the class and not the best!  But I have to admit I grew to like Ming!  Especially at the end of the book when she goes all Kill Bill styley jumping of a rock on her unsuspecting victim!


Oh and don’t forget she is always there to offer Tylenol (?) and tissues!  I grew to love Ming in the end after a rocky start…I loved her over reaction of when one of her hits, Rafe, is in hospital when she convinces herself that she will have to attend nursing school and feed him and look after him for the rest of her life and her little references to X and O’s (kisses and hugs)….oh bless her!

Then there was Jackson and of course he is into sports (there’s always one jock or sporty type in a Point Horror)….the human garbage disposal who walked with an aggressive gait of a defensive back on the football team!  What was with all the girls bringing him food?!  He literally did not stop eating the whole way through the book….well that’s until the dead body of his “hit” turns up!  Oh but how I laughed when Brenda asked him to the party and he said he couldn’t as he was washing his hair!  A classic knock back!  I think I may love him!

Talking about the gang!  What’s with the deciding to go to the police, but then making every excuse in the book not too including dentist appointments late at night and typing letters for Daddy oh and having dinner (guess who that was!)……

The “Hit” List

Yep the list of “hits” listed by Linnie, Ming and Jackson were a mixed brilliant bunch!

Austin and Alder….the little so called cheats!  These are the two that are top of every class and making Mings blood boil!  They are popular, good looking, have huge egos, successful images and rich!  But a pinched lettered jacket and a copy of an exam being found in their possession won’t stop them….they are super Point Horror beings!  I have to admit that I did a little laugh when it took the gang the whole book to figure out the Austin and Alder would have the same letter on their jacket! *face palm gang….face palm*

You had milk loving Rafe!  The boy who abandoded the football team so his comeuppance was to slip on some spicy Barbeque Beef in a bun and end up in a coma due to being trampled on whilst in said spicy Barbeque Beef in a bun sludge…….what a waste….of yummy food!  Nom Nom Nom

Then there’s John “Baby Baby Baby” Stanley the biggest sleaze in the school who because of his catchphrases I kept imaging as Justin Beiber…….I KNOW!  I FEEL ASHAMED!  I really wanted to discover that author Bates had actually foreseen or even wrote that Justin Beiber song and projected it around the school over the intercom instead of Stanley’s ideas for chat up lines!  *shivers*


And don’t tell me you didn’t practise his confidentially-speaking-doesn’t-my-deodorant-smell-good-pose Billy….I know you!

Lets not forget fuzzy haired Brenda who knows how to work her way at getting an A in studio aka pottery class….throw a tantrum and smash that pot!  Demi Moore would be ashamed!  In fact I thought that maybe the Ghost of Sam pushed her down the stairs towards the sprinklers as punishment for a minute (If you have never seen Ghost I understand if this sounded like gobbledygook!).


She was “hit” with sketches of her shoplifting (SKETCHES?! WHY NOT PICTURES?!).  I think she hands down wins the best kill in The Dead Game *claps hands*….to soon?

Ps – I imagined Brenda like this……don’t judge me….they said she looked like a doll dead at the bottom of the stairs!


Let’s not forget Julie and Karl (who?) – taken down my the school magazine…Vine…having an affair now poor old Rafe smelt of Barbeque Beef!

Then there was John and Price……erm……

Fashion Faux Pas

I cannot believe I have read another Point Horror and found no Fashion Faux Pas!!!  WHAT IS THIS HORROR!!!!!  Not a whale earing in sight aka Mothers Helper by A Bates!

Did anyone else find any?

Dialogue Disasters

“Ax them, ice them, knock them off…..bump them off.  Chop….Death.  I’m completely serious.  It’s the perfect solution!”

Linnie had the right idea from the start and gave us alllll the clues!  *runs away scared*

“After all these years you have known me you actually think I could turn into a murderer?  You know I don’t like blood.  It’s messy”

Yep….lets all listen to sweet old Linnie!

“He’d taken her directly to the place everybody called Beer Can Hill”

*sniggers*…I don’t know where this place is but I’m intrigued!

“I’d practise karate on trees, I’d wrestle anybody who’d come close enough to challenge….what a little terror I was”

I will give you three guesses who said this!  Nope not our usual suspect…..it was Ming!  Shocking!

“It’s kind of fun being an airhead”

Ouch Ming!  Ouch!

“If he dies, I’m a killer.  That’s a whole lot worse than losing Scholarships and being number three!”

*Ding Ding* Light bulb moment for Ming!

“You can’t get chocolate milk out of a bathroom faucet!”

Erm….why not?!

“Her right arm flopped like a dead fish….a screaming dead fish”


“This is high school.  People don’t murder each other in high school”

Well dur……this is Point Horror!  BEST.LINE.EVER!

And to finish….

“She wasn’t evil. She was just Linnie!”

Oh Ming!

Body Count

We get one dead Point Horror body in this book……I think it may have been for the Point Horror good though don’t you think?  I mean she was horrible!

Is it scary?

Not really scary…more mystery!

Did the best friend do it?

Well it depends who’s point of view you look at it from?  In a kind of way yes!

Is this the first Point Horror where the person telling the story ends up being the reveal?

Mind = Blown….again!

Saying that I did ponder if the reveal would be Linnie about half way through….but then I thought…nooooo it can’t be! *gulps*

Some Mild Peril?

Not really any mild peril in this book either…..ohhhh a psychological Point Horror maybe?!

Is it any good?

I actually really liked this one!  Yep I really did!  I liked the whole game idea….very John Tucker Must Die-ish with a hint of mystery thrown in…who is making the hits worse than planned?  Who carried on the game?  I’m not sure what you all thought at this stage but this book did grab me and I feel it could have actually been a decent standalone novel in present day!  Just me?



I rest my case 🙂

It was better than Mothers Helper by the same author which we read before 🙂

Final Thought

Re-read the description above of Jackson and Ming!  How on earth did Linnie manage to pull Jackson all the way to the river at the end of the book?  And how did Ming become so super strong to take down Linnie…..was it all the weight loss that Jackson suffered after the death of Brenda…..or a super power role reversal….or a little flaw in the ending?  YOU DECIDE!


Over to you!

As well as your thoughts on the book here are some questions to consider.

  • Share your thoughts on the final thought above!
  • Come on give us your best John Stanley chat up line!
  • Who had the best “hit”?
  • Would you play the Dead Game?
  • Team Austin and Alder or Team Ming!?

Feel free to pop me a comment using the reply button at the top of the page.


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Thanks for joining in….watch you’re not the next target…in The Dead Game!!


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24 Responses

  1. Chelley Toy says:

    A huge thank you to everyone who contibuted with questions for me to put to Peter Lerangis ….i think I added them all and Peter answered them all too ( I apologise if I missed any or anyone…. I don’t think I did 🙂 )

    I feel so proud to have Peter on Tales…..a great insight into the Point Horror world and Peter Lerangis!

  2. @PaulHi says:

    Whadda month! I’m bowled over by the brilliance of Mr Lerangis. What a proper gent. And hilarious, to boot. Congrats, Michelle!

    On to The Dead Game (whose title always felt like a pun I wasn’t quite getting)… I don’t think I was quite as big a fan as you. Don’t get me wrong, it held my interest better than a Cusick effort (I know, I know, so does herpes) but I had some major beef with it, not least the fact that Linnie’s raging insanity was dropped on us at the last minute, like Rafe dropping to the cafeteria floor: heavily, and without warning. I don’t think Bates played fair with the reveal – looking back, most of the time we’d spent in Linnie’s head up to that point wasn’t about subtly misleading the reader so much as it was about lying to their trusting little faces. Case in point: we’re in her head when the tape goes missing; she has actual thoughts TO HERSELF about where it might have gone. Nu-uh, Bates. Not cool.

    On the plus side, I enjoyed the bonkers Heathers-lite concept (though could the rules for the Dead Game have been ANY more unnecessarily complicated?), and had fun hopping between the heads of our main characters. And like you, Ming (MING!!!?!!?!) grew on me too. Any lass who’ll launch herself ninja-style from a cliff face to take down her rival qualifies as good people in my book. And Jackson was way more fun than most PH boys.

    I was also impressed that we got an actual death in this one, though Bates gets disappointingly coy when it comes to labelling it a moider. Poor, hysterical Brenda. If someone confronted me with a bunch of sketches (!!!) of me nicking a bangle from Claire’s Accessories, I’d laugh my actual face clean off. Yeah, she had it coming I guess. And lol at her being a troll. Actual lol.

    Speaking of mad Linnie, I THINK I can remember one other case of a PH narrator being the eventual crazy, but I shan’t ruin the surprise in case we eventually get round to reading it… It’s a pretty good one, though.

    Okay, QUESTIONS.

    1. Linnie got one of those adrenaline boosts you read about that make people able to lift cars at accident scenes. OR, she was a secret powerlifter all along.
    2. “I’m a black walker babe. Hand me the knife.” Works every time.
    3. Linnie’s tape humiliation by a country mile. I actually gasped out loud when it started playing over the principal’s announcement. (Actually, how did Linnie even pull that off? What, is she an electrical genius as well as a gladiator?)
    4. You better believe I’d play it. I’d play it and WIN. Keep an eye on your letter jackets, PHBC.
    5. Oh Ming, daft name aside. The twins were worse than Brenda.

    Whoo, another one bites the dust! Congrats again on the Lerangis chat. Looking forward to everyone else’s comments 🙂

    • Chelley Toy says:

      Great comments as always Paul! And congrats to you to for the Lerangis chat as it wouldn’t have been anything without awesome questions!

      Do you know what….now I’ve read your comments I can see what you mean….maybe I was wrapped up in a little The Dead Game bubble! We did hear Linnies thoughts a lot and not the thoughts that would indicate she was in fact the reveal……

      Also now you mention it I have a niggle in the back of my mind of another point horror where the narrator was the reveal….I cannot remember which one though……You can tell us if we ever discover it in our re reads 🙂 Its on the tip of my tongue though I’m sure! *wracks brain*

      Ps – only you could compare Cusick to Herpes Paul….only you! lol

  3. Billy says:

    Okay wow.

    (sips hot chocolate)

    First thing’s first – congratulations on the Peter L interview. A great read and he had me rofling like mad. What a great read. Thanks Michelle for orchestrating and for everybody’s questions.

    Right – The Dead Game.

    Like everybody, I was a bit perplexed towards the end of the book. It kind of fell apart for me when Ming (lol) started adding algebraic equations into her thought process. I mean, if your audience are teenagers, surely algebra is the *last* thing you’d want to include in your book? What a turn off. I could never find the value of x all those years ago and I swore to myself I’d never need to know algebra in real life (but fate, not without a sense of irony, ensured that my job involves me making multiple algebraic equations every day – what a world). Then after that we get the ol’ switcheroo of main character going from Linnie to Ming the Merciless (who I pictured Ming looking like), and my brain just struggled to comprehend everything. And did anyone else think that originally A Bates’ plan was to have Linnie’s evil sister show up as the killer? There was that conversation at the dinner table where the mother revealed the sister had been in the area for weeks, and lived “near the new mall” which was the one Linnie got her tape recorder from! It seemed so perfect. Especially as Ming was too dazed and only seeing ‘grey and red’, I thought it’d be that she THOUGHT it was Linnie, when really it was her sister. I reckon Bates just gave up, thinking it was too long winded to execute, and made the killer Linnie. It’s what I’d do if I woke up a week behind my deadline after having already used the ‘my car broke down on the way to the printers’ excuse twice before.

    I think if I were to be a Point Horror character it would be a combination of Jackson and John the Cad. Jackson because, like him, I actually am unable to stop eating (though in these later years what food would have once converted into energy, gumption and a happy go lucky outlook is now sadly just contributing to my ever disappearing abs and ever growing love handles). And lol Shelly you know me too well! I was reading John’s lines thinking ‘man, why didn’t *I* think of that back in my hey day!’

    Loved the excuses to not go to the police. I mean, typing? Like, really? We think some crazed killer is picking off our school mates but, you know, Dad’s memoirs won’t type themselves up.

    Onto the questions…

    •Share your thoughts on the final thought above!

    Ha, I did wonder how she could haul a, what, 200lb muscle-bound man a fair distance, yet couldn’t muster the strength to pull a rock up from the earth surrounding it! And as for Ming’s mad Ninja skillz… think watching all those action movies paid off!

    •Come on give us your best John Stanley chat up line!
    (flicks through black book)
    “If I had to rate you from 1-10, you’d be a 9 because I am the 1 you’re missing”

    •Who had the best “hit”?
    Ha, not to speak ill of the dead but it’s got to be poor old Brenda. What a way to go. Death by sprinkler. After that, a missing jacket and a paragraph in a student newsletter just didn’t cut it!

    •Would you play the Dead Game?
    Oh of course, but I’d rig it so my name is not in the hat and thus, never get killed.

    •Team Austin and Alder or Team Ming!?
    I did quite like A&A, and part of me felt Ming just needed to get over it. But like y’all, I warmed to her towards the end when she suddenly became the protagonist so I switched allegiance.

    Great comments Paul, a factory of lols as always. Especially the sketches. Like, were we *that* primitive before smartphones that we used to SKETCH what we saw and hand it around our classmates? Here’s a sketch of my dinner last night, here’s a sketch of my cat, here’s a sketch of me holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa but not really lol etc. And why would anyone believe a sketch to be real?! Most bizarre thing ever.

    Can’t wait for next month! I actually voted RTC, as I feel bad for her lol.

    • Chelley Toy says:

      Goat! Fab comments and thoughts!

      I like the way you have thought about which Point Horror character you would like to be! lol….Is this so you can date Jenny from My Secret Admirer!? I have to admit I did actually think the reveal was going to be Linnie’s sister…that conversation with her parents etc was one big red herring!

      Sketches were very strange! Or have we just been mind boggled by technology….were sketches the in thing in the 90’s maybe?!

      PS I LOVE your chat up line! I first read this comment in the office at my desk and accidently did a loud chuckle! You almost got me busted for not working at work Billy! And I am hoping you really have tried this in real life because I want to know if it worked! lol

  4. Mark says:

    Auline Bates obviously feels a need to give her characters odd ‘A’ names too! Adler? Really? Last month we had Nguyen, this month Ming. With Pete Lerangis’ comments about the Asian-American experience in the 90’s (fab interview again Chelle!), her presence makes you wonder if Auline wrote an Asian character into her story for a similar reason.

    Now I appreciate that the YA horror world has it constraints, but I felt that Auline really phoned in some of her characters – Brenda the pretty bitch…with a secret, A & A the ultra perfect jocks *YAWN* At least the leads had something approaching three dimensions.

    Love, love, LOVE the revenge theme of the Dead Game! Who didn’t want to get back at someone in high school who made your days torture? Admittedly, I’m not sure I ever suffered like Linnie did with the scandal of the 7th grade science fair! Oh the cheating! The injustice! The blue ribbon for second that drove the poor lass mad!

    Speaking of the mad lass, I, too, agree that it’s a total cop-out to have us in Linnie’s head for 80% of the book but forget to let us in on her homicidal thoughts. And Paul; I’m with ya, brother – how can we be served Linnie’s inner thoughts about the missing tape and still be expected to accept that it was her all along? I’m with you too Billy – I’d have bet my dog eared copy of The Dead Game that the killer was Linnie’s sister. It felt…right. Even during the final battle I was expecting a wig to fall off and AHA! It wasn’t Linnie at all! A pretty weak explanation was given right at the end about Linnie being “two people in one” – a schizophrenia excuse for why Linnie could be completely surprised by the tape maybe?

    BTW is Linnie short for something? That bugged me from page 1. Lynette? Katelyn? Sheryln?

    No fashion faux pas, but a definite food one – Ming ate pizza with a fork? Wha..?

    In true teen horror fashion, we have the recurrent theme of clueless, absent parents. In Ming’s case we even get the tear jerking paragraph about how when she was little she used to get the notes with the Xs and Os – but not anymore , gentle reader – get the message! you’re a teenager now, you’re on your own! Hell, Linnie’s (Jocelyn?) parents don’t turn up until something like chapter 35!

    I liked how we switched between the characters as they planned their kills; nice change up. And I did chuckle at Ming’s lament when planning Rafe’s hit: “Why don’t they teach us anything practical in school?” That and the “People don’t murder each other in high school” were my two favourite lines.

    I thought the story got a little stuck mid way through. Post Brenda’s murder it got all teen drama, touchy feely dream circle rubbish. Do I matter? Who’ll love me? Such teen angst!

    Seems like we all agree the ending was a bit thrown together. My first thought before the big reveal was why wouldn’t you all drive to the police station together? If memory serves, we got a fairly average end to ‘Mother’s Helper’ as well didn’t we? Auline wrote a couple more PH books; we’ll have to check ’em out some day.

    Question time:

    * Firstly – Chelle you said there was no mild peril. Jackson nearly getting drowned was somewhat perilous as was the battle that resulted in Ming’s screaming fish arm (I love when an author just goes ‘there’ – darts at a dictionary). Anyhoo… once in full psycho mode, I’ve no doubt Linnie (Carolyn?) would have had the strength to drag Jacko around, but Ming off the top rope…well, that’s…that’s a little harder to rationalise. How about love? The power of love gave her the strength to start Foxy Boxing with Linnie (Evelyn?).

    * Hmmm…”Hey baby, wanna see my Fear Street collection?”

    * Jackson. I love how he went all Leo from Titanic and somehow people were happy to take some jock’s freehand doodles ripped from the back of his English book as admissible evidence and condemn the poor little rich girl. Epic meltdown from Brenda too. Hey Brenda! Ya know what Regina George would’ve done?

    * Sure! I wasn’t exactly the cool kid at school; I could totally get in on some Dead Game action!

    * Team A & A. Sook it up Ming; nah nah nah doo doo, the jocks are better than you. At least you’re still on the podium right? And Ming love? You know what Regina George would’ve done? Yeah…that’s right.

    • Chelley Toy says:

      I’ve just said to Billy that part of me did think it was going to be Linnie’s sister…..huge red herring or change in the story line? WE HAVE TO FIND OUT!

      Pizza with a fork…..I do this in a restaurant *blushes*

      “People don’t murder each other in high school”…..I think this is the best line to sum up all Point Horror’s EVER!

      Oh Yes…I get the mild peril would be Jackson almost drowning….how could I forget that! And didn’t Bates bring us a line about curtains in Mothers Helper or was that a different book as Bates got another brill description in with the screaming fish arm! lol I love it!

      PS – love all your different suggestions for what Linnie is sort for!

      pps….your fear street collection….that is your chat up line??!!! *gets in car and drives over to Marks*

  5. @PaulHi says:

    Billy and Mark, you boys kill me. Ming’s algebra. “Darts at a dictionary.” Lolz, you guys… 🙂

  6. @PaulHi says:

    And yes, Linnie’s (weirdly nameless) cow-y sister would’ve made a much better villain.

  7. Emma Jones says:

    I did enjoy The Dead Game & really liked the title & thought it was a super quick read once I got past the first chapter. I was a tiny bit lost not fully understanding the US education system & valedictorian & honor class references.
    Best hit was John & the tape over the PA system.
    Def team Ming
    My biggest issue was their hits seemed to have done fairly minor things. Brenda got an A in pottery!?! Rafe quit running! How awful!
    I honestly though Linnie’s sister would be connected at the end. Its like the author forgot about her. Linnie’s sister would have been a much better fourth dead game player.

    • Chelley Toy says:

      Hi Emma…yes John and the tape over the PA system….it made me laugh so much….baby baby baby lol

      I’m liking that we are all wishing that the reveal was Linnie’s sister…..do you think that this would have made us have less to talk about though lol

  8. Chelley Toy says:

    I am in shock! I’m not sure Paul will be happy!! Currently on the poll for next month RTC is in the lead!! There was me thinking it was going to be The Waitress (that was my vote) as it seemed to be a popular choice last month! Still time for the poll to change though!

  9. Mark says:

    *attempts best seductive voice* You know, Chelle, I even have an UNOPENED Fear Street book and digital watch pack…

  10. @PaulHi says:

    RTC??!! Curse you, PHBC. Do you not remember April Fools? Or Trick or Treat?! Curse you all to an eternity of reading The Cemetery on a loop. 😉

    • Chelley Toy says:

      Theirs still time Paul! There’s still time! It could all change in the next 12 hours or so!! *gulps*

      *ponders reading The Cemetery on a loop**

  11. Billy says:

    Lol The Cemetary was insane. I loved how the body count was so high in that crazy instalment. If RTC does win, this is her last chance lol.

  12. Chelley Toy says:

    The always hilarious and awesome Andrew over on @Pewterwolf shared some thoughts about the book here also…..http://thepewterwolf.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/the-librarian-and-dead-game-mini-reviews.html

  13. Mark says:

    I had the joy of listening to the 2 cassette audiobook of ‘The Cemetery’ on a road trip this weekend (yes, the work vehicle has a tape deck). Having not read the book it was certainly an interesting way to spend a couple of hours. Suffice to say, it would certainly be a special level of punishment if I was forced into an eternity of listening to those tapes on a loop! However, the PH audiobooks are good fun – canned screams, dodgy car sounds, synth music – worth a listen for another angle on the PH universe.

  14. Mark says:

    What a totally awesome idea! I’m pretty sure all the books are on Youtube so should be easy enough to do.

    From what I know, the PH tapes are: The Funhouse, The Cemetery, Dream Date, Halloween Night, The Accident, The Witness, The Dead Girlfriend and Trick or Treat.

    • Chelley Toy says:

      Oh Yay! Definitely some we can use there then! I will get my thinking cap on! Thanks for that!

      By the way….I’ve totally bagged an interview with A Bates….get your thinking cap on for some questions! No rush for next PHBC but hoping to send and get back in time for 13th July PHBC 🙂

  1. July 14, 2015

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