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Before I start I just wanted to celebrate the fact that this is my 100th published blog post on Tales since I started blogging in November 2014!  *eats cake*


Towards the end of April / beginning of May the lovely Lauren over at www.laurensbooklife.blogspot.co.uk contacted me and asked me if I would like to do a bookish book box swap!  It sounded like a lot of fun and I thought it was such a fab idea so I said yes 🙂

So the idea was that we would write a little about ourselves to each other, give each other a wish list of books, spend £30 – £40 and include three books, presents and as much book swag as possible to put in our boxes!

It was all very exciting and I loved putting all of Lauren’s presents together and thinking of fun ideas!

We met up to swap boxes in Birmingham on the 29th May and had a good bookish chat and hot chocolate with Lauren and some other lovely friends…kind of a mini #drinkyamidlands but in Starbucks 🙂










So I got my box home, managed not to take a sneaky look and have filmed an unboxing!


***  Warning ***

This video contains dodgy not Oscar winning performances slotted in between the unboxing, brummie accents and a lot of screeching and high pitchedness!

Oh and a glamorous assistant called Corey!

*** You have been warned ***

Tah Dah………..

So there you have it!  I was so over the moon with everything and all the thought and effort Lauren put into the items for the box.  I loved everything!  Thank you so much Lauren 🙂



















Lauren wrote a fab blog post about why she bought me all these lovely items and what made her put them in my box…..check it out here

Thank you for the lovely kind words Lauren! xx

So here’s my box to Lauren……


Want to know what I bought for Lauren?  Check out her unboxing here!


So there you have it!  What a fab unboxing!  Here’s everything that was in the box!


I wrote Lauren a little letter to explain why I bought her certain things which I put inside the box.

When we initially set this up Lauren told me her favourite book was We Were Liars by E Lockhart and she loved meeting her last year.  I wracked my brain for ages trying to think what I could buy her that was related.  In the end I thought a personalised mug would work brilliantly.

Lauren also told me that she was a huge Harry Potter fan and loved jewellery therefore I bought her a Snitch pendant and a personalised letter inviting her to join Hogwarts with tickets for her journey, a letter of acceptance, an inventory list and of course a Marauders Map!

I also supplied Lauren with some blogging essentials including a notepad and pen, sticky book markers, a book mark will and “L” and lots of bookish swag!

Then there was the three books of her list!  I chose each book for a particular reason.  Lauren told me she was a huge fan of the 100 series so when I saw that on her list it was a must buy to put in the box.  On her list I also saw the wonderful 7 Days by Eve Ainsworth which I have previously read and loved so I picked that as it was one of my faves.  I then wanted to pick a hardback and I saw Kate Ormands book Dark Days on the list …I have this on my shelf to read too so I thought I must get Lauren a copy!

I also, with thanks to the lovely Eve Ainsworth and Kate Ormand, added a couple of personal touches for Lauren.  I contacted both of these wonderful authors and they sent me some signed book plates, postcards and book marks personalised to Lauren.  A huge thank you to you both.

A huge thank you also to wonderful author Helen Grant who also sent me some personalised postcards for Lauren to pop in the box!

I really enjoyed this so much I really want to do it again very soon!

Again a huge thank you to Lauren for asking me and for all her lovely gifts!

Don’t forget to check out Lauren’s blog www.laurensbooklife.blogspot.co.uk and give her a follow on twitter using @_itslauren_JLS 🙂

Happy Reading!



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