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I was so excited to be asked via Faye Rogers to be part of the blog tour for a new self published Romance book called Following Evan by Elida May.

I previously shined the Spotlight on Elida and this book here

My stop on the blog tour is a wonderful guest post from Elida May with her top 5 romance novels!

Following Evan

Three years on from the sudden death of her husband Matt and a subsequent miscarriage, interior designer Laura is still lost in grief, hiding out in the smart London townhouse that was going to be her family home. On the encouragement of her best friend Carla, she signs up to a dating website and receives a message from a mysterious stranger, imploring her to visit him in New York because he has seen her face in his dreams.

Meanwhile, Laura visits an art gallery and is captivated by a painting of a beautiful woman in a flowing dress. It seems to be speaking directly to her, beckoning her to take a leap of faith.

These seemingly disparate events lead Laura on an epic journey to the bustling streets of the Big Apple and the desert landscape of Wyoming, where the clues to her future happiness are waiting to be discovered…

Top 5 Romance Novels

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare


I know this isn’t strictly a novel, but I had to start with one of the finest love stories ever written. What young girl doesn’t long to feel loved and believe that they will live happily ever after with the person they were fated to be with? And who, as a young adult or ever older, hasn’t experienced their parents interfering too much in their love life? I have and surely all other girls have too. Hundreds of years since this play was written, people can still relate to it.

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks


I thought this was a remarkable love story. I loved that a faded notebook follows the lives of two lovers and keeps their love alive. As the book unfolds, the missing pieces of Noah and Allie’s story are revealed. For me, this book is a true tribute to the power of love.

The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer


I love the way Stephenie Meyer writes, and she has created a very unusual love story. I like the name of the characters, especially Bella Swan (beautiful swain) and I appreciate how she develops from a delicate, fragile girl into a lethal weapon. The love between Bella and Edward is intoxicating, even though initially there’s no sex involved.

The Crossfire series by Sylvia Day


These books grabbed me right from the start and they still haven’t let go. The books flow so well, the protagonists are hot and so are the scenes. The relationship between the two main characters, Gideon and Eva, is emotional, intense and captivating. Accepting their pasts brings them closer together, and their relationship grows as they begin to learn from their mistakes.

 P.S. I love you by Cecelia Ahern


Cecelia Ahern has created a beautiful love story that is meaningful, moving and magical. Gerry and Holly are soul mates who cannot imagine their life without each other, but then death strikes, leaving Holly devastated. She withdraws into a dark corner, refusing to talk with anyone until a bunch of notes slowly guide her into a new life. I feel that the point of this novel is that life is for living and not for mourning.

Following Evan

You can buy a copy of Following Evan on ebook here

Or add it to your Goodreads here

About Elida May


Elida May was born in Albania in 1972. Growing up in a Communist country, where access to books was severely restricted, helped to nurture her love of the written word, and she avidly read whatever genre she could get hold of, including a lot of European literature. Today Elida lives in London with her son Elidon. Following Evan is her first novel, and she is currently working on her second, Diary of Michael Vica.




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Another huge thank you to Faye Rogers and Ashley! Following Evan sounds fab!

Happy Reading!



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