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Tales Post – #CountdownML – Releases 22/03 – 18/04 Chat Round Up


On the 21st March 2016 the fourth #CountdownML chat took place hosted by it’s brilliant creator Jim!

For those of you who don’t already know #CountdownML is the creation of the wonderful Jim Dean – @YaYeahYeah – and is hosted over on the @teensonmoonlane account.

The idea is to celebrate and chat about upcoming YA/MG UK releases each month and coincides with the creation of the most fabulous spreadsheet by the brilliant @SnugglingonSofa and YaYeahYeahhere which details as many UK YA/MG releases and fab blogger reviews as possible.

Jim asked me if I would like to be involved this year and make #CountdownML a monthly occurrence and after enjoying the previous chats (under #CountdownYA) I immediately jumped at the chance.

This therefore led on to me hosting the first #CountdownML chat of the year and the first chat I have hosted…ever – you can see that post here!

This time round the brilliant Jim was in the hot seat asking us all the questions.  The hour flew by and it was an hour full of crazy fast typing, brilliant conversation and books!

So many fab books!




For this months #CountdownML chat we talked about books being released between 22/03/2016 – 18/04/2016 .

Here they are with thanks to fab graphics by Jim (@YaYeahYeah)!











Want to catch up on the chat?

You can either check out the #CountdownML hashtag on twitter or check out this brilliant storify by @YaYeahYeah

A huge thank you to @YaYeahYeah for such a fab chat and for all the fab graphics and contacting publishers and authors etc.

Also to @SnugglingonSofa for maintaining this fab spreadsheet!

To all the fab publicists and authors who helped with giving Jim, Debbie and myself information about upcoming releases.

As I always say – a twitter chat is only as AWESOME as the people taking part.  So the biggest thank you to everyone who joined in and made #CountdownML AMAZING!

Catch up on all #CountdownML chats

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25th January 2016 – 26/01 – 22/02

22nd February 2016 – 23/02 – 22/02

Which 22/03 – 18/04 releases are you looking forward to?  Have you read any of these fab books yet?  I would love to hear from you!  Why not leave a comment using the reply button at the top of the page or tweet me on twitter using @chelleytoy

Happy Reading!



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