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I am often known to be a bit clumsy and a little loopy! Book loving (obsessed), theatre loving, slasher film loving csi geek! Winner of UKYABA Champion Newcomer 2015 and nominated for Champion of Social Media 2016 and Blogger Of The Year 2016! © 2014 - 2021 Michelle Toy All Rights Reserved

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7 Responses

  1. Amy McCaw says:

    Hi everyone! This wasn’t my favourite Point Horror to say the least. Despite some clunky descriptions, I was vaguely interested at first and then it turned utterly bizarre. I totally agree Chelle- what was the whole Jon Pear storyline about? I despised him- don’t even get me started on the tear eating.

    This one has left me a bit speechless so I’ll jump into the questions:

    1. Madrigal’s death was a confusing and inexplicable accident/ thinly veiled plot device to engineer a twin swap.
    2. Jon Pear was utter rot.
    3. Van was the only character I liked and he was hardly in it! Where was the forbidden romance with Mary Lee? Definitely an under-used character.
    4. A little bit of Point Horror justice at the hands of the mob. I can’t really blame them!
    5. I slightly preferred Mary Lee because she finally found her guts and common sense at the very end.

  2. Am I the only one who was reduced to mourn-foaming rage by the name Jon Pear? Surely God that was supposed to be Jean Pierre? Or maybe his parents had a particularly awful sense of humour, in which case, no wonder he turned out to be a sociopath.

    While I’m complaining about names: who on earth gives one twin a solid boring name like Mary Lee and then calls the other one MADRIGAL. Was the whole town running a social experiment to see how crazy you can drive children using names?

    The book was interesting, especially since I was friends with a real sociopath in school and this reminded me of him, but there was too much Deus ex Machina (if that’s how you spell that) for my taste. I could buy ONE evil teenager conveniently dying, but both of them was pushing it. Although since the gang in general were willing to drown Jon, and we don’t know if one or most or maybe all of them did, it does kind of support my “town full of sociopaths ” theory. Yikes.

    1. I honestly don’t know if Madrigal is supposed to have died of Sheer Coincidence, or maybe she was sawing through the rope intending to set up Mary Lee’s death and got over enthusiastic?

    2. Ugh, sheer rot. Not just a creep, but a poseur. That whole tear-stealing thing was so dramatic and annoying.

    3. I adored Van. There should have been way, way more Van in this book.

    4. Van’s sister and Katy tripped him and stood on his neck until he drowned. Alternatively: he had a twin of his own who killed him. That wouldn’t be much more insane than this actual book.

    5. Mary Lee. There is something delightfully obtuse about her obliviousness to the hatred wafting off her twin. Madrigal’s psychic-twin thing must have been really weak, if she couldn’t avoid Mary Lee’s thoughts all the way from boarding school but ALSO couldn’t get across a simple “I hate you.” ?

    I like the shattered mirror cover best, but I don’t LOVE either of them.

  3. *mouth. Mouth foaming rage. GDi, spellcheck, stop trying to help!

  4. Cazzy says:

    Hey PHBC!

    I thought this one was just OK (mostly because it was so weird), which is a shame because I think the premise of twins, and an evil twin at that, had real potential.

    Mary Lee was a total drag! I found discovering about Madrigals true nature more entertaining than anything she had to offer – apart from her sensitive hair, of course – WTF?

    Jon Pear was just weird. Was Pear his last name or part of his first name? ?

    I was slightly disapointed that all they did was take girls to dodgy parts of town and leave the. I know that’s not a very nice thing to do and probably quite dangerous, but I was expecting more, seeing as we’re constantly told how ‘evil’ they are together? We’re told about the drowning man but all we get to see are some rats.

    Not much else to say, other than I noticed themes cropping up in this that Caz Coo seems to like: winter & cold – reminded me a bit if Freeze Tag and even in the cheerleader after Althea renounces the vampire it snows. Taking someone else’s identity is another recurring theme. Lannie was obsesset with West and wanted Megan’s connection to the family, Althea stealing other people’s lives with the help of a friendly vampire. I even thought the ending was similar to freeze tag – morally dubious. I wonder if Caz Coo had a vague idea but didn’t really know where to take this one.

    On to the questions:

    What really happened to Madrigal on that ski lift?
    I think it was just an accident. Possibly Madrigal had an attack of conscience and decided against bumping off ML when she so kindly lent her her vile ski suit? I see it as a plot device.

    Jon Pear – hot or rot?
    Ew rot. Total creep.

    Which part of the gang was most underused?
    Scarlett. I would have liked to have seen some actual freaking out over the rats instead of just hearing about it (I mean, seriously, gross but really enough to institutionalise someone ??)

    What really happened to Jon Pear?
    He floated about under the ice for days before any adult noticed he was gone.
    Mary Lee or Madrigal….who was the best twin?
    Madrigal. Shame we didn’t get to know more about out the evil stuff she got up to, but sadly, none of it was probably thst evil to begin with.

    I prefer the mirror cover. The faces one is weird.

  5. Paul P says:

    I was all over the place with this one. I like Cooney’s writing, so I enjoyed reading her words, but the rest was wildly uneven.

    When you read the interview you did with her, she likes her horror tales to be parables, in particular the idea of making a choice between good or evil. It pops up in all her books.

    However, it now feels like she’s gone to the same well too many times. And since this one doesn’t have a supernatural element (aside from the briefly mentioned twin-waves) to it to act as a metaphor, this falls really flat. For the longest time, I didn’t really know where it was going. The book is called “Twins”, but the evil twin is killed off early on in the piece, and then the plot just meandered. I kept thinking to myself: “Where is Cooney going with this???”

    However, once Jon Pear (and why did they say his full name EVERY SINGLE TIME?) was developed further, the story got a little more juice. He was quite a frightening creation. His recollection of him and Madrigal (GREAT NAME) watching a man drown was genuinely chilling. Locking girls outside of the car in the ghetto seems a bit tame, and the idea that Scarlett was institutionalized over rats is quite ludicrous, but it still kind of worked for me. It felt very threatening, and a bit….rapey.

    But the end message is effectively the same as her other books, in particular “Freeze Tag”, which I think is her best book, and “Twins” REALLY pales in comparison to that one. Also, I couldn’t help but think that if the girls’ parents were rich enough to send Mary Lee off to a boarding school, they could have just coughed up some cash and sent Madrigal to a freaking psychiatrist. It should have dropped the parents-know-Madrigal-is-evil angle completely – didn’t Cooney herself say adults should be largely absent?

    What really happened to Madrigal on that ski lift? Ugh, could Cooney have been more vague? I think Madrigal wanted to escape this confused tale and try to score a role in “Freeze Tag”.

    Jon Pear, hot or rot? Rot, rot, rot. Legitimately frightening, and Mary Lee’s take-down of him, exposing his true loserdom to the rest of the school, was a high point.

    Which part of the gang was most-underused? Most of them. A bit less time with wet rag Mary Lee pining over her twin, and more time developing her relationships with Van and Scarlett would have helped big time.

    What really happened to Jon Pear? He moved to France and became, as Necromommycon pointed out, Jean Pierre. Or he went and joined Madrigal for a chance to be a part of “Freeze Tag” instead.

    Which twin? Sorry, but I’ll have to go with Madrigal. She was a bit of an enigma, offed way too early for my liking. Mary Lee eventually grew a spine, but she was a real pain for most of it!

  6. @PaulHi says:

    Oh guys, you’re all hilarious. You’ve got Twins pegged 100%. Meandering, weird, ultimately pretty thin… Can’t help but think CazCoo just farted this one out, while riding high on the success of Freeze Tag.

    It wasn’t without its charms. I actually thought that dumping defenceless classmates in the rough end of town and leaving them to the rats was pretty sinister,  though I agree with Paul that suggesting it lead to Scarlett/Scarlet (Cooney never did decide how she was spelling that name) being INSTITUTIONALISED was beyond ludicrous.

    Necromommycon, I couldn’t agree more about the Jean Pierre/Jon Pear thing  INFURIATING. Uch, I might start calling myself Paul Pineapple and eating tears at every opportunity – see how terrified of me everyone immediately becomes.

    Also, I know Cooney tends to be a bit flowery in her language, but why did these kids all talk like they lived in the 1700s? ‘Come. Walk me to my class, Jon Pear,’ is not the speech pattern of any teenager I’ve ever come across.

    Special mention to the worst headteacher in the history of education, who, AND I QUOTE, ‘decided it would be best for Mary Lee’s grieving process for her to look upon and touch the body of her sister, to see the terrible wounds and know that her sister was really dead.’ LOOK UPON AND TOUCH. ARE YOU CRAZY?

    The fashionable mice simile may be the best bit of writing I’ve ever come across. And by best, I of course mean worst. My mind is still blown that it was allowed to remain in the book, but maybe that’s because I’m just a small unfashionable mouse. Seriously though, what the actual hell. (Kudos to Chelley, btw, for finding the perfect picture to illustrate this; all the lolz).

    In the interests of balance, there were a couple of lines that made me laugh out loud for – I think – the right reasons: ‘Mary Lee thought that, next time it snapped, maybe the equipment should be holding this doctor’ showed a sassy side to ML that sadly remained under wraps for the rest of the book, while ‘Van had been kept back in first grade because he was hyperactive and the second-grade teachers didn’t want him yet’ was just throwaway insanity. I’m choosing to believe that CazCoo had her tongue firmly in her cheek at those moments.

    Sadly, neither of them made up for ‘Her hair, which had always had feelings…’ Because no it hadn’t.

    Okay, questions!

    What really happened to Madrigal on that ski lift?
    Paul stole my original answer to this almost word for word. I dunno, I like to think maybe there was a bigger Christopher Pike death-faking thing going on, and that Madrigal is actually living it up on some Mexican plantation.

    Jon Pear – hot or rot?
    Total rot. And a bore, to boot. Not quite as annoying as the fella from Dream Date, but close.

    Which part of the gang was most underused?
    Yep, all of them. Less page-time for the wacko parents, and more for the wacko teenage townsfolk, if you please.

    What really happened to Jon Pear?
    He ate a tear that disagreed with him, and choked to death. The kids just made sure he stayed under.

    Mary Lee or Madrigal….who was the best twin?
    I was bored by them both. Maybe they were actually TRIPLETS: third sister Mirabelle just had too much self respect to appear in the book.

    Oof, rough month. Good theme for next time though; see y’all then!

  7. Claire Muncaster says:

    Madrigal telling ML not to interfere = rude, fships/r’ships come & go, family don’t. It could be that JP convinced madrigal she had him so she didn’t want/need anyone else but it sounds as if she was mentally unstable anyway. i wonder whether she was unstable because of the way she was treated by her parents,/whether it was other way round ie treated badly by parents so ended up unstable. JP certainly sounds unstable, w/ all his loving fear & panic & threat –- what is more worrying is that [fill in the blank, i’m sure you can by now]

    re flowery language, 1700s speech pattern – there are people who sometimes talk this way. I get a lot of teasing for it.

    love the description of madrigal as a “scary little girl” – if you’d’ve read my books (dark faerie tales), heard songs i listened to as a little girl, you’d have called me that as well. loved the snow white ref. modern update: “smartphone, smartphone, on a stick, who has the fairest profile pic”?