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Today I am honoured to bring to you a Q&A from awesome blogger and my lovely friend Faye Rogers PR extraordinaire!

Hi Faye

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I can certainly try! I live in London and like to think of myself as a very bubbly person. Energetic and passionate, and I absolutely love reading and writing. I currently work four different jobs and I love that they’re all different and interesting too!

How long have you been running your blog A Daydreamer’s Thoughts?


I’ve been running A Daydreamer’s Thoughts for over four years now. Seems a little crazy when I think about it but I’ve loved every minute of it and wouldn’t have it any other way!

Can you tell us a bit about your PR Business?  How did it come about?


My PR business is called Faye Rogers PR and is a service I provide for authors to help with their online publicity needs. I have helped a variety of authors in lots of different ways and also help Scholastic with some of their books too. It came about after I worked for an online publishing house which sadly went bankrupt. Because I had enjoyed the work so much, I decided to branch out and start freelancing myself. I’ve been working online PR for over two years now.

What kind of services can you offer an author looking to promote their book?

I offer a multitude of services but the most popular is the blog and review tours. This is where I help the author by contacting bloggers and organising a book tour that happens online – as opposed to the author visiting schools or shops. It can consist of author posts or reviews and is a great way to get the book noticed. I also offer long-term PR help, help getting reviews of your book, help with guest posts and interviews, social media campaigns and twitter chats.

What can an author expect to pay for a particular service?

It really depends on the type of service and the book in question but the prices range from £30 to £200. You can have a look at the prices here: www.fayerogers.co.uk/prices

Can you tell us a little about your new business venture – Forever Living?

I work with Forever Living as an independent distributor. This means that I purchase the items from Forever Living and then sell them on. The range is massive – and one of the things I love about the company. All the products are Aloe Vera based and work incredibly well too. I’m so glad that I’ve found these products as I could no longer live without them!

What made you take the step into Forever Living?

Essentially because I love working for myself. With my history of PR, I felt I wanted to branch out and do something different. I love products like it and just wanted to see if it worked out for me. I’ve loved every minute of the work and don’t regret it for a second.

What kind of products do you sell?

There are thousands of products! There are products for health, fitness, beauty, skincare, daily care, house maintenance, and even pets! There’s literally something for everyone and I just love that so much!

Where can we find out more information or place an order with you?

You can find more information and have a look at all the products here: www.livingpure247.myforever.biz. You can order the products direct from the website or for special offers like free delivery and free gifts, you can contact me here: [email protected] or on twitter: @livingpure247!

Have you used many of the products?   How have they worked?

I have used a lot of the products and I have yet to find fault with any of them! I use the moisturizing lotion every day as a make-up primer and my face has never been so moist. I use the propolis creme most nights and have yet to be attacked by winter eczema, I drink the aloe gel daily and that has helped with my energy levels and digestive system, I use our mascara daily and I am allergic to most mascaras! Honestly, there are so many products that use every day that this would become a very long post if I spoke about them all. But if you want to hear more, do contact me!

What has been your highlight with Forever Living so far?

The products. Honestly, they’ve been life-changing for me. I’ve also really enjoyed the freedom of the business and my wonderful team who are super supportive and lovely! I can’t wait to continue growing my own team. If you’d like to hear more about it, let me know!

Which product would you recommend the most?

All of the products above. But probably my favourite product at the moment is the Tooth Gel. I’ve always hated toothpaste, but I love the tooth gel. It has a spearmint taste rather than a strong mint taste, and it’s just a nicer feel on my teeth too. It keeps my teeth smooth almost all day which I love so much! I use it every morning and I will never change that!

Tell us 5 random facts about Faye Rogers!

  1. I’m an insomniac. It comes and goes and sometimes I sleep like a baby. Most of the time, however, I either struggle to sleep or struggle to stay asleep.
  2. I am not a morning person. Usually because I probably haven’t had enough sleep so my brain is just not ready for the day!
  3. I am a coffee addict. I try to deny it but at the moment, coffee has become my drink of choice – ooops.
  4. I love to binge watch television shows. – So I’m eternally grateful for Netflix and DVDs!
  5. I struggle to sit still. I always need to be doing something. Be it just fiddling with something in my hands or swaying from side to side. I seem to be unable to just stop.

Thanks so much for answering all of my questions Faye!


A Daydreamer’s Thoughts was founded on September 15th 2011. It is a blog that consists of book reviews, film reviews, book articles, film articles, author interviews, guest posts, features, and memes. It is run by Faye who enjoys the task immensely and is always happy to communicate with her followers.

You can follow Faye on twitter using @daydreamin_star

I would like to say a huge big thank you to Faye for featuring on my blog today and for answering all my questions!  I am forever in awe of Faye’s amazing talent and organisation as well as being a faboulous genuine good friend also!




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