Tales Post – UKYACX – UKYA & Children’s Extravaganza 2017 Announcement


I am super excited to have been asked by the lovely Emma Pass and Kerry Drewery to reveal the date and location of the next UKYACX for 2017!

For those of you who don’t know about the UKYACX it is a brilliant event that started in February 2015 aiming to bring authors and readers together around the country.

Here a little bit more about it from the UKYACX website…..


It all started in October 2014 with a ‘what if…?’

We – Kerry Drewery and Emma Pass – had just taken part in a panel event which Kerry had arranged at Waterstones Lincoln. Afterwards, we said to each other, ‘What if we did this again, with a few more authors, and invited a few more people?’

And from there it just grew… and grew.

On 28th February 2015, the first ever UKYA Extravaganza took place at Waterstones Birmingham High Street  with 33 authors taking part, and over 100 bloggers and readers attending. Tickets sold out in 24 hours! Read more about it at Where it all began.

Then, in October 2015, we did it again, holding a UKYA Extravaganza and a UKMG Extravaganza in Nottingham, featuring over 60 authors between the two events. You can see photos and find out more about the authors here.

In September 2016 we decided to combine the two events and renamed them the UKYA and Children’s Extravaganza. UKYACX took place in Newcastle and featured a whopping 42 authors from across the UK. Head over to the UKYACX 2016 page to read all about it!

We’re now planning UKYACX 2017!



I attended both the Birmingham UKYACX and the Nottingham one and they were both full of books, love and cake and most of all fun!

Find my write up of the Birmingham event here


So now onto the BIG announcement!

The next UKYAXC will be at……..

Waterstones Bristol Galleries



Saturday 21st October 2017!

See you there!




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  1. Maria Farrer says:

    YAY so exciting – next UKYACX is in Bristol! Nice and close!