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This year, 2016, the super funny T. S. Easton released the awesome Our House and Our House Time To Shine published by Piccadilly Press I am so excited to welcome the man himself to Tales Of Yesterday!

*claps hands*

So when I was thinking about what type of post for Tom to feature I got to thinking about all the different characters in the book and the lovable family Tom has created so today we are asking….

Which Character From Our House Are You?


Chloe Deal is observant. Every day she notices small details – like how Front Door always refuses to open when it’s raining; how whatever task he sets out to do, Daddy usually ends up snoozing to the radio in his shed; how her younger sister Daisy muddles her similes but never her fashion sense, and how Mummy’s nostrils flare when Dad forgets to mow the lawn, again.

So when Chloe starts a school project about her house, she ends up cataloguing the chaotic balancing act of her family along with it. In the run up to the school holidays (and Chloe’s birthday), disaster follows disaster at home and school. Mummy’s patience is beginning to unravel. Can Chloe get the house, her siblings and her father in shape before it’s too late.


Can Chloe Deal dazzle on stage, with some help from the builders at home?

Dad’s weird and wonderful extended family are coming to stay at Christmas, and in preparation the Deal house is finally going to be redecorated! Dad’s taken a job in Germany to pay for it, but as the builders start work they uncover more serious problems with the house.. Will Dad ever be able to move back home? Chloe has landed a starring role in her school play, but Imogen is the lead, and being as insufferable as ever. She even has a stage-kiss with Thomas! Can Mum and the kids pull off two school plays, a house refurbishment and a supersize Deal family Christmas?

Another warm, funny family story from OUR HOUSE.

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Which character from Our House are you most like? 

Take the quiz to find out and share your results with us on twitter or leave a comment.

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About T. S. Easton


T. S. Easton has written fiction for all ages and has published more than thirty books. He has written under a number of different pseudonyms in a variety of genres. Subjects include vampires, pirates, pandemics and teenage agony aunts (not all in the same book). He lives in Surrey with his wife and three children and in his spare time works as a Production Manager for Hachette Children’s Books. HIs latest book is Our House, published by Piccadilly Press.

You can find out more about him at

Or why not follow him on Twitter: @TomEaston   

A huge thank you to Tom for playing along and helping to create this quiz!  And to Carmen at Piccadilly Press for helping to organise.

Have you read any of Our House or Our House Time To Shine?  What did you think?  Have you taken the quiz?  Which character are you?  I would love to hear from you!  Why not leave a comment using the reply button above or tweet my on twitter using @chelleytoy!

Happy Reading!



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