Review – Marge and the Pirate Baby by Isla Fisher

Yo ho ho, me hearties. Marge is back! This time there’s a baby on the loose.

Meet Zara, the naughty little cousin, who never sleeps and loves to steal treasure. Marge thinks she’s a pirate and maybe she’s right.

But will the imaginative babysitter be on her best behaviour? And can Jemima save the day at her uncle’s wedding?

‘Isla Fisher is hilarious’ DAVID WALLIAMS

‘Charming, funny, delightful’ DAVID BADDIEL

Publisher – Piccadilly Press

Date Published – 12th January 2017

Pages – 168 pages

Format – Paperback

Category – Childrens

Source –

I was sent a copy of this book by the wonderful the publisher, Piccadilly Press in exchange for an honest review.  This does not affect my review or my opinions in any way.  Thank you Piccadilly Press for sending me this book to read and review.

 ** Please note Tales Of Yesterday Reviews are written as spoiler free as possible**

Marge and the Pirate Baby is the second middle grade book from Isla Fisher about the Button family and their wonderful babysitter, Marge.

 Told from the point of view of young Jemima Button, Marge and the Pirate Baby gives us three more brilliant laugh out loud stories that are full of warmth, love and fun.

The Button family used to be an ordinary family until Marge came along and incredible things always happen when she is around.

I absolutely adored Marge the super adventurous babysitter who is the same size of seven packets of biscuits topped off with wonderful rainbow hair and who grew up in a palace (or so she tells people).  The character of Marge was so much fun and everything you could ever want in a babysitter.

Marge and the Pirate Baby is split into three super fun stories and the illustrations by Eglantine Ceulemans are absolutley pheonomenal and really bring the story to life.

Marge the Pirate Nanny

“Babies are unpredictable.  The only people they respects are pirates”

When Cousin Baby Zara comes to visit (nicknamed the ambulance because her crying sounds like a siren) Jemima and her brother know exactly what they are in for.  Although Zara acts all cute to the adults she’s rather quite naughty.  Marge declare she’s no ordinary baby….she’s a Pirate Baby.

This story was super funny especially the part when they are changing Zara’s nappy.

I also loved the vivid stories that Marge tells the children of when she was an actual pirate nanny.

A story about having fun, caring and learning to share even in situations that you might not necessarily be happy about being in.

Marge and the Stolen Treasure

“Explorers go on expeditions to Find Things Out.  To peer into unknown corners of the world”

This story tells the story of an trip to the swimming pool that Marge turns into an expedition with snacks, maps etc

I loved the gathering of all the expedition items and the potential mishaps along the way like taking dog blankets instead of towels and shaving cream instead of sun cream.

Again tales of Marge’s expeditions including sharing shampoo with an orang-utan called Oscar were an absolute highlight.

A story about being brave, trying new things and exploring the world around you.

Marge and the Wacky Wedding

“She looks like a human marshmallow, but also beautiful”

This story is all about a wedding and Jemima being bridesmaid for her Uncle Desmond and was the perfect ending story to this book that left me feeling all warm inside.

There are potential disasters along the way like blue handprints on the brides dress and missing wedding rings, but Marge is always there to save the day.

I really adored this story.  A touching heart-warming ending to a brilliant enjoyable read.

I think you can tell that I really loved this book and I love the way that Isla weaves in the humour with a natural flow.  I had not read the first book, Marge In Charge, but these books can be read in either order as they work well as stand-alone as the stories tell you all the background you need within the stories.

Isla Fisher has created wonderful stories to share with all the family and to inspire children and adults alike.  Full of humour and warmth this book will make you smile long after reading it.

I award this book 4 out of 5 Tales Of Yesterday Books

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About Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher has worked in TV and film for 25 years. She has played many fun and different characters, but her favourite role is being a mummy to her three children. Isla has been making up stories at bedtime for them every night since they were born, which is how ‘Marge in Charge’ began.

About Eglantine Ceulemans  

Eglantine Ceulemans spent her childhood reading Belgian comics.  In 2007 she joined the Emile Cohl School of Art in Lyon, France, transforming her passion for illustration into a vocation.  She loves working in an intuitive way, combining humour and sensitivity, and using different mediums and techniques.  Eglantine currently resides in Lyon.

You can find out more about Eglantine on her website – 

Or why not follow her on twitter – @lelephantine 


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