Tales Point Horror Book Club – The Forbidden Game Part 2 – The Chase

The Forbidden Game 2: The Chase 

Published in UK 1995

Tagline – He’s come to claim what’s his …

Memorable For – A toilet disappearance & all the Labyrinth vibes! 

Some Thoughts – 

The Chase is the second book in The Forbidden Game trilogy, written by the author L. J. Smith, published originally in 1994.

Having survived the events of the first game, the story continues two weeks after the end of the first book.  Jenny and her friends try to return to normal life, but this is made difficult due to personal changes all have undergone, and suspicions from others regarding what had really happened to their friend Summer. (She died in book one swallowed by a messy room)

Julian, the Shadow Man, who has returned to terrorize them with a new game, a hunting game, Lambs and Monsters. Jenny & her friends are the lambs, The monsters are the Lurker, a ghostly wolf, and the Creeper, a phantom snake.

One by one, Jenny’s friends disappear, leaving behind only a paper doll – and a riddle with clues about who will be next . . . Jenny must find Julian’s hidden base and save her friends before it is too late.

Other highlights include a gruesome opening scene, a golden prom dress that apparently enhances Jenny’s beauty even more, Julian’s deadly Creeper & Lurker monsters, riddles, disappearing friends and of course Julian! 

Have you read The Chase? What did you think? 

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