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Do you remember the Point Horror Book Series from the 90’s?  The Point Horror Series was a series of young adult point horror books and was launched in 1991 by Scholastic always with the Point Horror banner on the spine and on the top of every point horror book.  There were a number of authors that wrote these books for Scholastic: R L Stine, Diane Hoh, Caroline B Cooney, Sinclair Smith to name but a few.

Are the Point Horror books we loved as a teenager still our favourites on the re-read?  Are you new to Point Horror?  Has our opinion changed?  Are they still as good?  Do they stand up to modern day YA Horror?  Or are they a whole load of cray cray?

Lets find out…


 Join in the discussion with this months title!

Call Waiting by R L Stine


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** Please note that as this is a discussion there will be spoilers**

The Tagline

Don’t pick up the phone….

Okay ….so…What’s It All About?


*flicks hair*

Karen Masters is so in love with douchebag hunk Ethan that when she thinks he is seeing Wendy behind her back she starts turning into Glenn Close circa Fatal Attraction era!


Please don’t tell be Ethan had a bunny rabbit!?

Nope thank goodness he didn’t that’s all I’m saying!

Anyway, all Karen cares about is how much she loves Ethan and would do anything for Ethan etc etc and then Ethan drops the bombshell!

What she was right? He was cheating on Karen?!  We finally have a gay character in Point Horror?!

We can only dream of such a story line in Point Horror!

Well kind of but not with who she thought, but Ethan wants the best of both worlds and tells Karen that they should “see other people”!


Yep Ugh indeed!

This sends Karen spiralling out of control and she does the only thing she can possibly think of to keep Ethan …… pretend that she is getting creepy phone calls from someone who wants to kill her!  And these phone calls all happened whilst she is on the phone via her Call Waiting beeps!

But soon Ethan finds out that Karen doesn’t have Call Waiting!


But that’s not the end of it…..then the calls really start happening!  FOR REAL!

Dum dum duuuuummmmm!

The Girl

Oh dear!  Oh dear!  Where on earth do I start with Karen Masters!?

With her dark short hair, dark eyes and very thin appearance I thought she would be one of those Point Horror girls that I would not forget in a hurry…..this was true, but maybe for all the wrong reasons!

With her parents divorced, brother always out with friends and birdlike Mum always working Karen was in the house on her own quite a lot.  But fear not as Point Horror love interest Ethan saved her from her loneliness….apparently!

Karen and Ethan both love bike rides, trivial pursuit and chessboards on rainy evenings…..the perfect romantic couple……that was until Karen thought Ethan was having it away with prop master Wendy!  Oh the horror!  So naturally Karen does the only thing that any girl should do…..stalk your boyfriend outside his own house to see what time he comes home!

And then get caught out by him whilst chatting to your friend about stalking your boyfriend on the phone!

Yep that’s right!  What a brilliant role model Karen was for all teenage girls (NOT!)…..she was very jealous indeed.

But nothing was going to stop Karen!  She loved Ethan with all her heart…he was even worth getting stressed over which gave Karen a very stiff neck indeed!

And do you know what a stiff neck is like?!  DO YOU?!

And this was just the beginning….when things start to come crashing down and falling apart between her and Ethan (mainly because Ethan was a douchebag – more on this later) Karen becomes a little unstable.  I mean making up receiving threatening phone calls just to keep your man is just the worst and then to get busted for doing it!

Oh Karen…..he’s just a boy!

Was it just me or did anyone else laugh when she started to get the calls for realises?!

Also I did admire Karen’s commitment to date nights and especially the new dance club…..horrific snowy bad weather outside is nothing to Karen!  Ethan still must take her to dance!

The Love Interest

Douchebag Ethan!


I mean he’s not the worst Point Horror boy we have ever had I guess!  He does stick by Karen in the end, but still!

With his long black hair, dark soulful eyes, broad forehead, silver earing through one ear and red Bonneville car he had so much Point Horror boy potential.  According to Karen he was funny, outgoing and playful, but all we got to see was him being a bad liar and lets be honest a bit harsh to poor old Karen.

He constantly broke date nights with Karen, he used the line “I think we should see other people” rather than lets break up AND “We can just go out on Saturday nights”. *rages*  He constantly hid behind his friend Jake who always seemed to be bailing him out of a Karen situation.  UGGGGHHHHH!

Ernie calling in sick so Ethan had to work seemed to be the tipping point!

Okay, okay so Ethan may have reminded me a bit of a guy I went out with at school who did the same to me and yes okay I may still be slightly bitter heartbroken about that whole time, but come on Ethan sucked big time!

I mean I guess he kind of redeemed himself in the end by sticking by Karen with the phone calls and “realising what she meant to him”, but he should have know that all along!

The perfect ending for me would have been Karen realising this and saying “look Ethan I may take you up on that seeing other people thing…hi Jake” but no! NO!

*mumbles under breathe*

What was with Ethan and Jake anyway?!  Ethan “rushing off to do math with Jake” *winks*.  Oh why couldn’t we just have a gay love triangle for once in a Point Horror!

The Gang

I have to start with best friend Micah Davis!  A bit of a flirt with blonde curly hair that she played with a lot, long nails, velvety voice that sounded like a sexy purr (?)  and a serious Kit Kat problem (who doesn’t?  Especially the peanut butter ones!) she was after Ethan all along the hussy!  She was meant to be Karen’s best friend and then when Ethan doesn’t break up with Karen she decides to push Karen further over the edge by actually making scary phone calls to her only to be busted by a chiming clock!  Ouch Micah!  Ouch!  Oh also the big finale girl cat fight!  Wow we haven’t had one of those for ages!  Me-ow!

Jake the best friend who had Ethan’s back ….ALL THE TIME.  Who didn’t want these two to get together?!  They would have been adorbs!  Anyway …. tall, with red wiry hair, long gangly arms, a horse voice that earned him the nickname Frog and who reminded Karen of a Grasshopper was severely under used and only there to get Ethan out of tricky situations with Karen.  I’m putting it out there that Jake fancied the pants of Ethan!  100%!  Who’s with me?


Okay older brother Chris was our typical joker of a Point Horror character!  The college kid with his passion for comedy shows, practical jokes, sandy hair, millions of friends and apparently lots of girlfriends!  I have to admit some of his practical jokes on Karen were hilarious but maybe that was just me being cruel because it was Karen and it was so funny and…..okay I will stop now!

Cousin Adam was a bit of a pointless red herring character wasn’t he?  Not even his love of horror comics and horror movies or the fact that he was really into history could help him.  Having recently moved back into the area and with his rust coloured hair, dark eyes, black rimmed glasses, zits on his chin and skinny appearance he was the perfect extra character we all needed.  He was shy, had a silent laugh that sounded like coughing (?), carried a brown briefcase and liked calling his cousin after midnight!  Other than that he didn’t really do anything did he?!

And what about poor old Wendy Talbot!  Prop Master for the school production of Guys And Dolls with her straight red hair, grey green eyes and paper Mache head that was so heavy she fell down the stairs *sniggers*…. any way she got a lot of flack for apparently “flirting” with Ethan!  I felt a little sorry for her!  Was there something in that shoulder touch?! And that prop gun that Karen thought was real!!  She must have been the best prop master EVER!

Oh also a quick shout out to the two secretaries arguing over pencils and how dark they are!  THIS.  WAS. BRILLIANT!

Fashion Faux Pas

Oh I spotted a shaggy coat that made someone look like a bear!


A pale blue down vest over a bulky yellow sweater and faded denim jeans with a hole in one knee.

And the crème de la crème of fashion faux pas’s ……Ethans silky, red and gold patterned shirt!


Oh the 90’s!

Dialogue Disasters

Here are some bits of dialogue that made me laugh!

“You’re a nervous nut”

Micah being a good friend to Karen here *coughs*

“You’re so pale, Karen.  And you look positively anorexic”

Ugh!  Micah is the worst!

“She put her hand on his shoulder.  Like she owned him or something”

Karen advising us all that we mustn’t ever put out hands on a boys shoulder

“A Pop-Tart?  Since when are you such a health nut?!

Really?  Are Pop Tarts healthy?  I think not!

“Does Adam still spend all his time reading those old horror comics and watching old horror movies?”


“She had a strong impulse to grab Ethan by the shoulders and shake him”

No Karen you must not touch a boy on the shoulders!!!

“Try to get yourself together okay?”

Ethan to Karen….after he has dumped said they should see other people…..RUDE!

“Karen, Ethan and your brother have just told me a disturbing story.  About Call Waiting!”

I’m starting to wonder if Karen’s Mum and I read the same book?

“Howcome your spending so much time with Jake these days?”

That is a very good question Karen!

Body Count


Stiney offers us more or a “psychological” Point Horror rather than a blood thirsty heavy body count Point Horror this time around!

I’m sad there was no Piranha’s!

Is it scary?

Erm…..nope!  It really wasn’t.

I think I sat more open mouthed about poor Karen’s state of mind and everyone ignoring that fact than it being scary to be honest.

Did the best friend do it?

In the end YES!


But this was only after Karen got busted making up pretend phone calls to herself on her Call Waiting option so Micah thought she would do it for realises….you know to push Karen further over the edge AND TO STEAL HER MAN WHO SHE HAD BEEN SEEING BEHIND KARENS BACK!

Some Mild Peril?

I guess driving cars at high speed in the snow and ice could be classed as mild peril?  Other than that….not really!

Oh except a hot fire poker stick in the big finale of course!

Is it any good?

It was okay…..not the worst Point Horror we have read, but certainly not the best.

It was also not as good as some of the Point Horror Stiney offered us over his time writing Point Horror….it did made me ponder if this was ever really a Point Horror or just repackaged as such.

Final Thought

Did Karen turn into Ghostface from the Scream movies?!

Cover Wars!

Which one do you prefer?


Over to you!

As well as your thoughts on the book I’ve added some fun questions to ponder!

  • Ethan – hot or rot?
  • Jake & Ethan – were they secretly together?
  • What flavour Kit Kat?
  • What happened to Ethan and Karen after the book?
  • Are Karen & Micah still friends?
  • Lets hear your scary phone call – what would you have said to Karen?
  • Which secretary was right?  Which pencil is the best?!

You can leave a reply by using the reply button at the top of the page!


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Thanks for joining in….



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17 Responses

  1. Cazzy says:

    Hi PHBC!

    This book was definitely one of Stiney’s less inspired works. The PH production line springs to mind. It was entertaining enough in writing style but really, what was the point? It didn’t really go anywhere, it wasn’t scary, there was no horror. I remember being disappointed by this one first time round (I definitely judged that book on its magenta cover when I was 13 lol) and I felt the same way this time.

    I thought Stine could maybe have explored mental illness a bit more with this one. Karen was a grade a bunny boiler in the making!

    Ethan – hot or rot?
    Urgh he was just too dull to be either.

    Jake & Ethan – were they secretly together?
    That would just be too exciting

    What flavour Kit Kat?
    Ooh peanut butter chunky

    What happened to Ethan and Karen after the book?
    Ethan started seeing some other girl behind Karen’s back and she got hysterical every five minutes – no lessons were learned here.

    Are Karen & Micah still friends?
    Probably. They were both too lame to make any other friends

    Lets hear your scary phone call – what would you have said to Karen?
    Karen, no one cares about your hysterics.

    Which secretary was right? Which pencil is the best?!
    Surely the most important question of this book! I’m more of a fountain pen girl.

    Cover wars: I like the pink with the phone (original). It was the basis of me buying the book!

    • Chelley Toy says:

      Hi Cazzy! Completely agree….Stine could have explored Mental Health more in this one rather than seemingly finding it quite funny really 🙁

  2. Ugh, this book. So disturbing, but not I think in the ways it was intended to be.

    Karen is so flat out CRAZY that literally no reveal at the end could have been more scary than she was. I mean, even before her mother outed her as making the calls and faking call waiting (ahaha, thanks mom), she was worrying me. Like, a lot. I think we’re meant to feel sorry for her, having been alone so much and then being in fear of losing the boyfriend who’d saved her from loneliness? But THAT IS NOT HEALTHY KAREN. She’s like that Overly-Attached Girlfriend meme brought to life.

    Also, seriously, when I was a teenager both my parents worked and I had no siblings, and I still managed not to die of grief or LATCH ONTO SOME GUY LIKE A BARNACLE, yeesh.

    You know, I was really sorry Micah turned out to be a lying manipulative potential boyfriend-stealer. Because until I found out she was trying to gaslight Karen, she honestly sounded like the most sensible person in this when she was trying to remind Karen that Ethan was just a guy. Okay, her common sense was spoiled once you realize she’s only doing it to get Ethan for herself, but still. At least she SOUNDED sane, briefly.

    If I’d had Karen’s older brother I might have gone quietly nuts too, though. Maybe I am being overly sensitive because I’m Canadian and have suffered a lot of snow in my life, but you do NOT put snow in someone’s boots. Jerk. Although the solution is obvious (steal his boots, duh).

    1. Ethan: rot. I’m sorry, dude, but either break up or don’t. Don’t sneak around. That’s not cool. And “let’s see other people but we can still go out!”–what is that, the teenage version of declaring you’re polyamorous AFTER you cheat? Ugh.

    2. Okay YES. I can totally see that. In fact that’s why he goes back with Karen at the end, probably; she’s a useful cover story.

    3. Green Tea Kit Kats, even though I may be the only person on the planet who loves them.

    4. After the book Ethan and Karen get married right out of high school, but then after he catches her fighting with her dolls he has no choice but to have her committed. She doesn’t care though as long as he promises not to remarry.

    5. Micah cautiously visits Karen in the hospital, so yeah, they’re kind of still friends.

    6. Karen, in ten years you’ll have a thing called a cellphone and it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Probably not for the better in your case though.

    7. I had no idea pencils were such serious business until this book. Um, I like coloured pencils, if that counts.

    I like the cover with the ominous KAREN AND ETHAN FOREVER because it sums up so much of what was creepy about this book.

    • Chelley Toy says:

      Hi Necromommycon – I was quite sad Micah turned out to be the final reveal too….

      *Also note to self never find putting snow in snow boots funny ever again * 🙂

      Also what the Kit Kat is a Green Tea Kit Kat…..omg!

  3. Paul says:

    Ouch. This one hurt. I didn’t like it much 20 years ago, and it’s even less impressive today. Once again, you can tell Stine carefully plotted this one out (I’ve read interviews with him where he states he always plans what’s going to be in each chapter, and then writes the book), and he continues to buck the trend of the time by testing out unreliable or unlikable narrators. However, it was just dribble from start to finish, and failed to hit any of its targets. Sorry, I was not a fan.

    The character of Karen was a real missed opportunity. She needed to be on medication, surely? As it stands, she’s on a direct path to being institutionalised, or being charged with criminal offences! I found it very hard to sympathise with her. The fact her entire existence was reliant upon a ferret-like douchebag boyfriend made her….well, boring. There were no other facets to her character. None. Ethan was even less developed. He was like a cardboard cut-out. Why were all the girls so hot for him? It was definitely a case of telling and not showing. I actually liked Micah (gulp). What a pity she was reduced to being yet another girl willing to harm and backstab a friend in order to land a boy. It’s a trope Stine relies on much too often.

    And with 5 – count ’em – 5 (!) cliffhanger chapter endings based around Chris’s practical jokes alone, it was clear Stine didn’t much care about the material he was writing, and just threw anything into the story he thought might pad out the suspense-free, thin storyline. Gosh, I’m being vicious, aren’t I? Knowing how good he can be when he gets it right, it’s disappointing to read utter tosh like this. I would have to go out on a limb and say this is one of the worst of the brand. (Sorry).

    Ethan, hot or rot? Cazzy stole my answer! He was little more than a plot device to drive Karen’s increasingly psychotic life choices.

    Jake & Ethan? I’d like to think Jake had better taste in guys than a wet rag like Ethan.

    What flavour Kit Kat? One of each, please.

    What happened to Kate and Ethan after the book? They got their own reality TV show.

    Are Karen and Micah still friends? Yes. Threesome!

    What would I have said to Karen? “Nobody loves you and you’ll be alone forever.” Or how about: “Let’s take a ride to the dangerous part of town where I’ll lock you out of the car and let the rats attack you.”

    Which secretary was right? I prefer the mechanical pencil myself.

    • Chelley Toy says:

      Hi Paul – I don’t think I read this one in my teenage years….unless I zapped it from my memory lol

      And nice counting of cliff hanger endings there!

  4. @PaulHi says:

    Oh boy, I’m with you guys. With the random exception of the truly on-crack pencil argument, This. Was. Awful. I can only imagine that RL was lying in a diamond hammock somewhere in Malibu, sipping mai tais and being fanned by servants with armloads of cash when he belched this one out. It truly has nothing going for it. And do you know what? I blame Karen. Who I hated.

    Karen is the worst. Selfish, demanding, mean, BORING. I properly hated Karen. Like, HATED. Come on, Stine, if you’re going to give us a flawed heroine, at least make it possible to spend more than a page in her company without wanting to hurl the book into passing traffic. I hated Karen. Did I mention how much I hated her? Oh god, so much hatred in my heart.

    And to make matters worse, I hated everyone else too. The brother, the boyfriend, the cousin, the other bloke, the mum – I couldn’t even be bothered to learn their names. Was there a Derek in it somewhere? If so, I hated him. I MIGHT have rooted for Micah if she wasn’t as awful as the rest of them. Stupid poker-wielding Micah.

    Not that this was Stine’s fault, but in these days of actual real-life high school shootings, the prop-gun misunderstanding made me more than a little uncomfortable, too. Not as uncomfortable as that red and gold shirt fiasco, obvs, but uncomfortable nonetheless.

    Okay, questions:

    Cover wars: I think both covers are, dare I say it, a tiny bit lame, but I guess the American/Canadian one clinches it on account of general frantic-ness.

    Ethan – hot or rot?
    Which was was Ethan again? Was he the one I HATED?

    Jake & Ethan – were they secretly together?
    If only this book had had anything like as interesting as this going on.

    What flavour Kit Kat?
    Original Chunky for me. Necromommycon, what the HELL is a green tea Kit Kat? Do you live in the Upside-Down?

    What happened to Ethan and Karen after the book?
    Karen rose to fame as the star of Fonejacker. Then Ethan looked at a picture of another girl one time, so Karen pushed him under a bus.

    Are Karen & Micah still friends?
    Sure. No-one else will have them.

    Lets hear your scary phone call – what would you have said to Karen?
    Karen, mate, you’re a shithead.

    Which secretary was right? Which pencil is the best?!
    The only good pencil is a giant novelty one from an overpriced gift shop. Too big to write with, impossible to sharpen. Classic.

    Glad we’re all on the same page this month – roll on September! I’ve not had the best of times with RTC in the past, but things can only get better from here. I mean… right?

    • Chelley Toy says:

      “I can only imagine that RL was lying in a diamond hammock somewhere in Malibu, sipping mai tais and being fanned by servants with armloads of cash when he belched this one out” – this just made me choke on my hot chocolate! All the loll’s!

      Do we think this is our least favourite Stine that we have read?

      Also yes! I have high hopes for Fatal Secrets! HIGH! It was my fave when I was a teenager….oh god we know how this normally ends! *prays that it’s good*

    • Caroline says:

      My friend is a year one teacher. She says every September some child joins the class and brings a giant novelty pencil with them. They can barely write anyway and she spends a good week trying to wrestle it from them. I’d love to see a secretary trying to write with one keeping a straight face.

  5. Caroline says:

    I enjoyed this. Karen was proper crazy. To quote my favourite movie: “No guy is worth getting in this state over. Mel Gibson maybe – but not” Ethan! My review on goodreads here: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1721745846?book_show_action=false

    Ethan – hot or rot?

    Oh he was a total four letter word. Why on earth did she want him?

    Jake & Ethan – were they secretly together?

    I hope not for Jake’s sake.

    What flavour Kit Kat?

    I live in the UK. I’ve only ever seen one flavour. I like the foil wrapped ones where you can run your finger over and put the logo onto the foil.

    What happened to Ethan and Karen after the book?

    Ethan enjoyed the honeymoon period after their reunion. But then Karen started getting suspicious again. If he wandered to the little boys room she accused him of no longer loving her. If he brushed up against anyone in the corridor he found that she would scream at him as soon as they were alone.

    They left school and Ethan started the same college as Karen so he could take care of her. After a while, he dropped out of lectures because she accused him of flirting with other girls every time he looked around the lecture theatre. Karen bought a flat and Ethan moved in with her, he wouldn’t need a degree anyway. Karen was happier knowing he was at home waiting for her. So much so she started locking him in when she left for work each day.

    He still made mistakes. She would lose her temper, but he knew it was his own fault really. He was so difficult to live with, forgetting to put the wine to chill at 3pm, using the wrong fabric softener. But she was always so sorry after she lost her temper, and it was so passionate when they made up. He didn’t see Jake anymore. They had drifted apart, but that’s common right? One day Ethan was thinking about a chess move when he accidentally ironed a silk blouse of Karen’s on the cotton setting. That night, Ethan waited, in fear. He knew she would be angry. But how angry?

    Are Karen & Micah still friends?

    Nuh uh.

    Well I’m not blaming you
    But she’s still hanging around
    And she’s so crazy, tell ya now I just don’t trust her
    She thinks she’s right on time
    But I think she crossed the line
    And I’m ready for the ride, I’m ready if it’s fighting time

    What she’s gonna look like with a chimney on her?
    What’s she gonna look like with a chimney on her?
    What’s she gonna look like with a chimney on her?

    Lets hear your scary phone call – what would you have said to Karen?

    “Karen – wooooooooooo I just saw Ethan behind the bikeshed with that Hanson brother that is definitely a hot girl.”

    Which secretary was right? Which pencil is the best?!

    I prefer soft pencils. Sure you have to sharpen them more, but what else does a point horror secretary have to do when she’s not chatting up the phone repairman?

    • Chelley Toy says:

      Hi Caroline!

      Firstly hats off for the thought you put into the What Happened to Ethan and Karen question! Wow! I see that this has been brewing in your mind for a while! lol

      Also LOVE…. “Karen – wooooooooooo I just saw Ethan behind the bikeshed with that Hanson brother that is definitely a hot girl.”


      And I live in England….have you not tried Peanut Butter Kit Kat! MMMMMMM Yummy!

      • Chelley Toy says:

        Also I love this in your review…..”Before I begin, can I just ask how Micah can complain in a velvety voice? Spent a good five minutes trying to imagine that one!”

      • Paul P says:

        Stine needs to write “Call Waiting: 20 Years Later”!

        • Caroline says:

          Oh Paul P that would be hilarious. What would happen when all the characters realise you can just “block caller”! Karen would have to get abusive messages on social media.

          • Paul says:

            Okay. I’ll have to amend the title to “Call Waiting 2: Twitter Terror”. Or maybe “Call Waiting 2: Social Media Psycho”. It’s 20 years later, and Karen and Ethan are married with a teenage daughter of their own. Micah is the godmother. The big twist is that whoever was getting the abusive messages created a second profile to send the messages to themself! Oh yeah. We’re onto a bestseller here….

      • Caroline says:

        I never knew about the peanut butter ones. I will keep an eye out but perhaps they aren’t available in Gloucestershire (this is where you probably tell me you live in Gloucestershire too!).

        I had a lot of fun writing my answers. I think I’ve found my spiritual home with you guys…

  6. Claire Muncaster says:

    i may be in the minority here, but i loved it. it’s 1 that sticks in my mind.
    are karen & micah still friends?
    let’s not forget micah did try to kill karen! (my own horror-loving best friends were always making threats of same, but then my life wasn’t/isn’t exactly normal) micah was probably just fed up w/ karen going on re whether her boyfriend was cheating.

    as for the boyfriend; it doesn’t sound like he “saved her” (karen) “from her loneliness” at all. sounds like he made it a lot worse actually. wanting to see other people but still going out with her?! when i was a PH-loving teen, friends always said they were “going out” but there was never any evidence.